The Ocean Release New Single 'Turritopsis Dohrnii'

Today, (September 19) Sees THE OCEAN's first new track 'Turritopsis Dohrnii' since their 2015 'Transcendental' split EP. with Japan's rock legends, MONO.

credit David Robinson the ocean

Photograph by: David Robinson

'Turritopsis Dohrnii' was recorded as part of the "Pelagial" recording session and is named after a tiny jellyfish species that live in the Mediterranean, the only immortal species on earth.

"Jellyfish are weird creatures", comments THE OCEAN guitarist Robin Staps. "They start their lives as polyps which are basically something closer to a plant than to an animal, something that grows on a rock. These polyps reproduce asexually, by cell division. The result becomes the free-swimming medusa, a jellyfish. Jellies reproduce sexually, and then they die… except this little guy here." (sic)

‘Turritopsis Dohrnii’ is part of a compilation released on Staps’ label, 'PELAGIC RECORDS
This 2-disc compilation comprises of, PELAGIC RECORD’s entire roster, featuring popular bands such as MONO, CULT OF LUNA, BISON, PG.LOST, and newcomers such as LLNN and SPOOK THE HORSES and much more.

The compilation’s first disc, ‘In The Twilight’ focuses on the calm, soft rock side of the label whereas the second disc ‘These Rocks Have Teeth’, comprises of the darker more epic side of PELAGIC RECORDS.

While THE OCEAN work on their upcoming album, they have taken the year off from touring in order to complete their album, due for release in 2018.

Listen to 'Turritopsis Dohrnii' below!

"while this track is not really new, we are actually currently working on new material. We have consciously decided to take our time with this next album, and we all focused on different stuff for a while, which was really important in order to understand what it is that we are doing and why we're doing it and why we want to keep doing it. I think we all found the answers now, collectively and each of us individually. And hence the new material is shaping up the right way and we're very excited about it all. You can expect a new album in 2018… or two."

credit Jarle Hovda Moe

Photograph by: Jarle Hovda Moe