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Today sees the release of THE PLASTICS’ much anticipated third studio album, IN THREES, for FREE download.

“They say that good things come in threes, it’s our third full length album, recorded in three cities with effectively the third line-up in our band’s history. So it seemed like a good omen to include a reference to this number in the title.”

The album was recorded between August 2014 and September 2015 at Digital Forest Studio and Popsicle Studios in Cape Town, Open Room Productions in Johannesburg and Studios 301 in Sydney. It is self-produced, except the recording of Walking the Cow in Sydney, which was co-produced with the Grammy Award-nominated Hector Castillo.

IN THREES is largely inspired by the band expanding their musical horizons and experimenting with their sound in unconventional ways. Recurring themes of exploration, reflection and coming of age are present on the album, alongside the ever present references of love and hate and the nature of infatuation.

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“We never wanted to make Pyramid mach II, so felt we needed to take a step forward and make something that had quite a modern sound, especially through the use of synths and soundscapes. We’ve backed ourselves to be able to get exactly what we wanted out of the album by doing so much of it on our own.”

Whilst a lot of the songs are more measured in tempo and rooted in creating good grooves, which results in more psychedelic flavours on the album than their previous work, fans will still be able to recognise signature THE PLASTICS elements such as their falsetto choruses filled with nostalgia and good vibrations.

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IN THREES Track Listing:

1 - Alona

2 - Sun Scream

3 - None of the Others

4 - Table Manners

5 - In Threes

6 - All I Really Want

7 - Who Am I to Say

8 - Walking the Cow

9 - The New

“We are so excited that this album is being released! We decided to give it away for free because we want as many people as possible to be able to have access to it. It’s a great snapshot of where we are as a band in 2015, and what we’re capable of in the studio and we’re proud of it."

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