Upcoming Event: CH2 & The Fire Gypsies

Upcoming Event: CH2 & The Fire Gypsies Upcoming Event: CH2 & The Fire Gypsies

A BRAND NEW MAGICAL SHOW featuring the international award-winning CH2, the Fire Gypsies lead by the gorgeous Katiana, and the mesmerizing Alejandro Tatewari, a FIRE JUGGLER! A show for the whole family. 


Sunday 14th April at 17:00, Atterbury Theater, Pretoria. Easy access right next to the N1. Secured parking.

Gypsies have long been among the most mysterious, exotic peoples on earth. They made their living as wandering musicians and singers, often also displaying great acrobatic and juggling skills. In the fifteenth century, the Gypsies spread many myths about themselves around Europe. The greatest of these myths was outlined in the forged papal letter. The letter stated that the Gypsies had been sentenced by the Pope for their collective sins to live as nomads, never to sleep in a bed. Along with that sad tale, the letter instructed the people reading it to give the Gypsies food, money, and beer, and exempt them from any tolls and taxes. Wouldn’t we all like to be Gypsies

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