VUIL WASGOED: Poster Unveiled

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'VUIL WASGOED', the full-length feature film that recently won five awards at the kykNET Silwerskerm Festival in Camps Bay, will be released nationwide in theatres on 8 December 2017.

Wim and Kevin have been dreaming about their own coffee shop for years, but while they’re waiting for this dream to come true, they temporarily work in a laundromat. The problem is that ‘temporarily’ has become seven years and that the highlight of their existence still is ‘borrowing’ their clients’ clothes to crash parties at night.

This system works well. Kevin is even close to finding the love of his life until an underhanded jewel dealer is betrayed, his finger is cut off and this finger ends up in a jacket pocket at the laundromat. Against their will, Wim and Kevin are dragged into a dangerous underworld. Close on their heels are two brothers with a rash, a blind gangster, two top police officers and an unscrupulous traitor. And somewhere is a shipment container with valuable content waiting for the whole lot to descend.

vw poster


'Vuil Wasgoed' was written by Bennie Fourie, produced by Danie Bester, Bennie Fourie and Bouwer Bosch and directed by Morné Du Toit. The cast comprises among others Bennie Fourie, Bouwer Bosch, Tim Theron, Stiaan Smith, Nico Panagio, Charlie Bouguenon, Simoné Nortmann, Leandie du Randt Bosch and more.

'Vuil Wasgoed' won the awards for Best Director (Morné du Toit), Best Editing (Quinn Lubbe), Best Actor (Bennie Fourie), Best Production Design (Merishen Wessels) and Best Sound Design and Original Music (Benjamin Willem) at the Silwerskerm Festival 2017.

Vuil Wasgoed is screening nationwide in theatres from 8 December 2017.

Watch the teaser trailer for Vuil Wasgoed below!