VUIL WASGOED Trailer Released

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The trailer for VUIL WASGOED has officially been launched and can now be viewed online. The film, that recently won five awards at the kykNET Silwerskerm Festival in Camps Bay, will be released nationwide in theatres on 8 December 2017.

In a simple laundromat in a below average neighbourhood, Wim and Kevin wash dry and iron others’ dirty laundry.

During the day, their job is boring, but at night it gives them excellent opportunities. They ‘borrow’ their clients’ clothes and party in them, then wash them the next morning and return them to their clients. It’s simple, it works and it was awesome… the first 52 times. But the boys are about to turn 30 and the fun is gradually becoming pathetic.

Kevin is an overcautious and besotted control freak. He’s tired of all the games Wim convinces him to participate in and feels as if his life is quickly going nowhere. His best friend, Wim, on the other hand, is a people’s person who lives for partying. He’s in love with his moustache and is passionate about the eighties. They dream of opening their own coffee shop one day, but Kevin gets frustrated with Wim’s laziness. They’ve been saving on a two-year savings plan for seven years.

On the other side of the city, a strange transaction goes wrong. The infamous jewel smuggler, Charles Gotty, loses his finger and a shipment of diamonds after he’s betrayed by one of his henchmen. His two sons, Joe and Manny, must fight things out like Cain and Abel to find their father’s finger and take control of the family business.

These worlds collide when the traitor, Tom, leaves his jacket at the laundromat to be washed. Wim convinces Kevin to go party one last time and to kiss Nikki, the love of Kevin’s life. Kevin agrees. He chooses to wear Tom’s jacket to the party. At the event, Kevin discovers something in the jacket pocket: A cold, severed finger with an enormous ring on it. In a flash, their lives change.

Things quickly get out of hand and Wim and Kevin become suspects in a murder they had no part in. They must find Jackie, a nasty security guard, to prove their innocence. Close on their heels are two brothers with a rash, a blind gangster, two top police officers and an unscrupulous traitor. And somewhere is a shipment container with valuable content waiting for the whole lot to descend.


Vuil Wasgoed was written by Bennie Fourie, produced by Danie Bester, Bennie Fourie and Bouwer Bosch and directed by Morné Du Toit. The cast comprises of amongst others Bennie Fourie, Bouwer Bosch, Tim Theron, Stiaan Smith, Nico Panagio, Charlie Bouguenon, Simoné Nortmann and Leandie du Randt Bosch.
Vuil Wasgoed won the awards for Best Director (Morné du Toit), Best Editing (Quinn Lubbe), Best Actor (Bennie Fourie), Best Production Design (Merishen Wessels) and Best Sound Design and Original Music (Benjamin Willem) at the Silwerskerm Festival 2017. The film has also been accepted to screen at the Portland International Film Festival. 
Vuil Wasgoed is screening nationwide in theatres from 8 December 2017. 

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