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After 12 months of releasing a brand new song and video on the first Friday of every month for their THOSE MEDDLING KIDS Collection, August sees the final song release from SHORTSTRAW to complete this journey with its 12th offering, 'EVENTUALLY'.

shortstraw final song release

'EVENTUALLY' was written by the band at the end of 2016, with a ballad in mind for the TMK Collection. The lyrics of the song are about life and death - something on Alastair’s mind after the death of his beloved Bowsie - about the ups and downs of everyday life and emotions, and how insignificant they are in the greater scheme of things. In the end, it’s really not worth sweating over the small stuff.

The band also wanted to do a collaboration for the collection and thought the perfect voice for that would be that of Laudo Liebenberg: “We all really feel that his voice takes the song to the next level and his harmonies are phenomenal. He also wrote the lyrics for his verse, so immediately it's ten times better!” says Alastair.

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The band not only decided to close off the collection with a mammoth, orchestral conclusion of a song but also decided to make the music video a tour video comprising of footage they have taken themselves over the course of their career. It’s been a long journey for TMK and for the band, so they thought it best to show a linear story to show the public and fans how far they have come.

Watch the video for 'EVENTUALLY' below!

those meddling kids elio designerTHOSE MEDDLING KIDS - New Member: ELIO | Designer

ELIO MOAVERO has created many of SHORTSTRAW’s T-Shirt and poster designs over the last couple of years, so it seemed only fitting to have him finish off the collection. He has grown leaps and bounds over the years that they have known him and are grateful to now also have him as a Meddling Kid.

Buy EVENTUALLY here on iTunes!


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Join SHORTSTRAW for the launch of the complete THOSE MEDDLING KIDS Collection as an album:

Date: 1 September 2017
Venue: The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
Time: 8 PM
Tickets: R70 Pre-Sold | R100 Door

SHORTSTRAW would like to thank NICK HAMMAN and 5FM for their support over the last 12 months and featuring every song every first Friday with the band on his show.

Also a special word of thanks to TOMS for providing all their music equipment and help out with all their instrument needs.

THOSE MEDDLING KIDS: A Music Collective.

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