Katy Perry – Witness The Tour

She’s a character called Katy Perry! The no-nonsense-girl-next-door who’s made her own documentary, the realist to shake things up, and t...

14-06-2018 | Tarryne Rautenbach

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The Wild Youth Interviews The Stooge

TEN QUESTIONS: THE JAMES WILLIAMSON INTERVIEW It is with great pleasure that I present this interview with the man without whom my musica...

05-06-2018 | Michael Flek

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Gangs Of Ballet Bid Farewell To Fans

The first of June brings heartbreaking news to all GANGS OF BALLET fans across South Africa: The band have decided to bid fans farewell af...

01-06-2018 | Press Release

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La Trappe: Patience, Passion and Traditional Craftsmanship

Trappist style beers are known for their high alcohol content and that they are brewed by monks who live in Trappist monasteries. Strict cri...

01-06-2018 | Alfonzo Rodriguez

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Invite Only Music Video Launch With Don Brer co, Creative Junkies and Cee TreeHa…

  UNDERGROUND PRESS was lucky enough to crack an invite to an exclusive music video launch for local artists Cee TreeHaven, Millz_likethe...

30-05-2018 | Kerry Witting

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Riaan Nieuwenhuis Releases Brand New Album 'REMINISCENCE'

Today sees the official release of Riaan Nieuwenhuis's 4th Studio album, 'REMINISCENCE' two years after, 'Collaborator'. The album is a coll...

29-05-2018 | Frederic Egersdorfer

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