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ATTRITION Release 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux'

Featured ATTRITION Release 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux' ATTRITION Release 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux'

ATTRITION are pleased to announce 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux', first released on vinyl on Third Mind Records in 1984. This album was initially rediscovered 10 years ago on cassette. ATTRITION then they remastered their song, 'Beast of Burden' for the 2006 ATTRITION 'best of' collection. 'The Attrition of Reason' was ATTRITION's first origional album and Tuesday September 12th saw the remastered version in digital format.

attrition of reason redux album

The attrition of reason - redux pre-orders are in place and has a limited edition of 100.

Listen below and order it on Bandcamp.

The 2 CD set also includes a selection of hard to find bonus tracks from the many cassette and vinyl compilations ATTRITION contributed to over 1982 - 84.

So here it is... Order Now!

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