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Frederic Egersdorfer is the founder and owner of UNDERGROUND PRESS. He has taken on the role of senior Captain & Chief taking on the responsibilities of making sure that UNDERGROUND PRESS is a well-oiled machine. You can follow him on Twitter @F_Egersdorfer and at Instagram @f_egersdorfer

The story of Queen and Freddie Mercury was a memorable one, raking over $900 million at the box office sending us home only to open our Queen collection and reminiscing in our very own memories that every song provided us while growing up. 

However, who could have prepared us for the most recent surprise when Dave Clark released this never before seen video, ‘Time Waits For No One’ featuring Freddie himself.

‘Time Waits For No One’, is a piano solo with Freddie Mercury, recorded by Dave Clark back in 1986 with Mike Moran on the piano which was later restored to pristine condition right before the official release.

Dave Clark states that he was holding onto this piece longer than he expected to, waiting for the hype of the film to die down, so as not to overshadow the film. 

 Watch ‘Time Waits For No One’ below!

This epic video shows us what ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ couldn’t get right. Every detail of Freddie’s life has truly been kept a mystery from us all.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' can be rented or bought on Google Play and iTunes, so if you haven’t seen it yet.
Get the popcorn and invite some friends over.

Today sees the release of THE SHAKING SENSATIONS' brand new single 'Tremendous Efforts'

After a 6-year hiatus, Copenhagen-based 5-piece post-rock band, THE SHAKING SENSATIONS return with a follow up to their critically acclaimed album, ‘Start Stop Worrying’

The album, ‘How Are We To Fight The Blight?’ has been 6-years in the making and is due out on October 4th, 2019. 

Listen to 'Tremendous Efforts' below!

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS have expanded the classic post-rock constellation by adding a second drummer, allowing for a unique approach to the rhythm section and a fresh and unconventional take on instrumental rock music.

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS have shared the stage with acts such as Caspian, And So I Watched You From Afar and Russian Circles. They have worked with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Russian Circles) who also laid down additional synths on Start Stop Worrying.

“It wasn’t that we felt like we’d broke up or that we parted after disagreements, but more like the circle was fulfilled, that we didn’t have more to contribute with. The three previous releases were kind of worrying, innocent and circled around themes such as life, death, being young, growing up, accepting things as they evolve and unfold. Quite simple and maybe, a bit nostalgic and probably naive”, comments Jeppe Nygaard Christensen.

'How Are We To Fight The Blight?' Displays a band that has matured in favour of reflection, growth and maturity where the band has lost the innocence of their past and willing to hone their craft.

“One of Magnus’ biggest talents is to combine a heavy, dark and extremely tight sound, with the airy feeling from indie-pop, but also the chaos and unconventional ways of arranging and performing instrumental music”, Christensen says.

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS are the next band to follow in the footsteps of great Danish independent music culture, incarnated by bands such as Efterklang, Slaraffenland and Lis Er Stille.

tremendous efforts cover art


Jens Sørensen, Mads Hantho, Lasse Vangsgaard, Jeppe Nygaard Christensen, Christian Wejs Sørensen.

Follow THE SHAKING SENSATIONS: Pelagic Records | Facebook | Bandcamp

What Happened to your Band? (WHTYB Press) have launched a charity compilation titled 'Animals Matter'. The latter features 20 pop-punk, punk-rock bands around the world and is available via Bandcamp for a month. The total profits will be used to buy supplies, food and toys for the animals of the 'SPA DE HAGUENAU' shelter ( - A shelter based in Haguenau, France). 

Listen to the compilation below!

'Animals Matter' tracklist:

  1. Things That Need to be Fixed - “Bad Girl”
  2. Out in the Rain - “Feeling Grey”
  3. Movin In Stereo - “Authority Blues”
  4. Follower - “Fallen Down”
  5. The Take Down - “Daisy Dread”
  6. Earthstate - “The Decision”
  7. Stealing Home - “Take Care”
  8. Friday's Spirit - “TSTT”
  9. Boxing Day - “Whisper Like You Mean It”
  10. The Other Side - “No Way”
  11. Finding September - “History”
  12. Overbite - “Pieces”
  13. High Visions - “I Miss You (But My Aim's Improving)”
  14. This Time Last Year - “Just Talk”
  15. WHIST - “Thinking Straight”
  16. Edward in Venice - “Pipe Dream”
  17. Stereo Age - “Mutual Aid”
  18. Rats Don't Sink - “Wake the City”
  19. Positive - “Better Days”
  20. Saint Evil Street - “Angry Smile” 

Riaan Nieuwenhuis teams up with guitar guru Basson Laubscher and legend Riku Latti at Aandklas on May, 3rd, offering locals a diverse range of unique homegrown talent. Expect some  Hard Rock and Good old Rock n Roll.

Riaan on guitar in Collaborator will also join Basson Laubscher & The Free Peace on keys.

Following the May 3rd event at Aandklas, Riaan Nieuwenhuis will be heading to Mozambique for Strab with COLLABORATOR before returning home where Riaan will be putting the finishing touches to his upcoming album.

#Collaborator #Aandklas #collaboratortour #collaboratoralbum #collaborator


Date: 3, May 2019
Time: from 6 pm
Door: R50,00

Facebook Event Page

 Canadian rapper, Spek Won (AKA Benjamin Addy), recently released his latest single, ‘Indome Mafia’, today.

Watch ‘Indome Mafia’ below!

About Spek Won.

Spek Won is the stage name for Benjamin Addy, who released his debut single titled ‘HipLife’ in 2009 and later followed up with the mix-tape ‘Preemo Donna’ in 2010.

Spek Won Subsequently joined the hip-hop collective 88 Days of Fortune.

He released his second album, ‘Sofa King Amazing’, in 2015. The album became most noted for the single ‘Black Body’, a reflection on recent incidents of Police Violence against young African-American men in both Canada and the United States.

The video for ‘Black Body’, directed by Mark Valino, was a longlisted nominee for the 2016 Prism Prize.

Buy the Single on iTunes Today!

 Follow Spek Won: Website | Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | iTunes

Thursday, 07 March 2019 10:39

Interview with The Black Lapels

We had a chance to sit down and write out some questions for Rob Warren of THE BLACK LAPELS. We asked about the inspiration behind their name, where one can catch them live and what their hobbies were. 

What inspired the name ‘THE BLACK LAPELS’?

We were under another name up until 2015, the band had changed line up, the sound had evolved, and we thought The Black Lapels had a nice ring to it…

At which venues can fellow Durbanites catch you at?

The best thing would be to check out our facebook page we keep our dates updated every 2 weeks so go check it out at Facebook!

Where do you see yourselves playing over the next few months?

Currently we are focusing on promoting the EP, however, we do have our eyes set on a few festivals and live music venues we would love to perform at.

When you guys aren’t jamming together, what else keeps you busy? (Hobbies, Jobs, etc.)

Music is strange like that part Hobby part Job, if not performing we work on new music and plot our course in this crazy industry

Can you tell us how you came up with the name of your Debut EP, ‘All or Nothing’?

It's just the attitude we wanted to have, getting this project finished and released, you gotta go hard All in and just do it!

Which is your social network preference?

Instagram I think

Which is your most favourite venue to play at and why?

Venues that have front of house PA and backline!!!

Parisian meta-post-rock band, LOST IN KIEV, today, announced the release of their brand new video titled, ‘Persona’. ‘Persona’ will usher in the release of their long-awaited 3rd studio album of the same name, which will be available on the 26th April, via Pelagic Records.

‘Persona’ surrounds us with a sense of mystery as they open up their new song, expelling sound and sensory visual effects that keep you fixed and wanting more.

Take a listen to ‘Persona’ below!

"Persona has been written as a reflection on humanity, in a futuristic technological context, where the A.I would be fully implemented in everyday life. Persona does not impose a position on the topic, Persona results from a desire to create a futuristic fiction through the prism of intimate stories, with characters with singular lives and sometimes tinged with realism. We wanted to create a new kind of ambience for us with some analogue & digital electronic sounds and samples, a mix between post-rock as we already made but with a true soundtrack movies ambience and a bit of trip-hop music style.” - LOST IN KIEV

Commentary by Yoann Vermeulen, video director and drummer of Lost In Kiev:

“’Persona’ evokes the creation of a new intelligent being, similar to ourselves, created by a robotics company. The human resemblance is so impressive that we can say that it is the "spark of a new world”.

The clip narrates the creation of this first being.

A shot of space, the infinite, juxtaposed with images of microbiology reminiscent of the birth of life on Earth. Gradually, small objects begin to reveal the subject in more depth. Finally, a body emerges from a 3D printer. The universe is white, immaculate, like a technological fantasy.

The video then turns into dark colours and reveals the sordid aspect of the business. The company logo that appears states "Make your future more human", an ironic slogan which is referenced on the track Pygmalion.

The shots multiply, the rhythm accelerates and ends with a rewind of the genesis. The shot of space becomes interrupted by a glitch. This sequence is a mirror to the first scene that evokes the birth from the void (space).

In the last shot, the CEO of the company is publicly revealing the successful creation of what is the spark of a new world."

pel126 cover digital medium

Pre-order ‘Persona’ here: Physical | Digital

With an acoustic guitar in his hands and a giant stompbox under his feet, Winnipeg’s GREG REKUS delivers his own unique brand of punk rock-infused folk music guaranteed to shake rafters, move floorboards, and get even the most stoic of concert-goers out of their seats.

Greg has just announced the release of a new album for 2020, as well as new tour dates for March / April 2019! All dates can be found on the official tour poster.

Greg Rekus Live Picture


On this tour announcement, Rekus comments:

It is a need for me to tour regularly! There are some artists who have had success and tour very little if any at all. Some people just get lucky, but by far, the most successful artists, especially today, have got there from grinding it out on the road. Some people can’t stand it, but I love it! It makes me feel so free and alive. Time seems to move differently on the road also. You are meeting so many new people and places every day...

I’m on the road approximately 6 or 7 months a year. It may seem like a lot, but it is usually only like 150 shows a year. Imagine you only worked 150 days a year! That’s more than half the year days off, so it’s actually pretty manageable.

After this tour, I'm going to stay home to start working on a new album. This new album is not far from where I left off with ‘Sibling Cities’, my last record, but kinda an upgrade. Stay tuned!

Stream 'Sibling Cities'on below!

Greg Rekus Bigfoot Poster 2019

We had the honour of chatting with Daniel Stacey Herber, of Damned If I Don’t. The topics danced around his time in Hong Kong and how he adapted to the lifestyle, his hobby his time spent with Daniel Tompkins of Tesseract fame, including what inspired the new project for Damned If I Don’t.

Tell us about life in Hong Kong and how difficult was it to adjust to the new lifestyle?

Being from Johannesburg, I was used to the hustle and bustle of city life and things being fairly fast-paced. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer volume of people though: you definitely never feel alone in Hong Kong. Having lived in Mainland China for three years prior to living in Hong Kong, which has the influence of both Eastern and Western culture I found adjusting to day-to-day life to be a little easier in Hong Kong.

Take a Listen While You Read!

Can you tell us more about your new project and what inspired it?

It had been a full five years since I had recorded any original music or was in a band, I just decided it was time, as I have a musical impulse that sometimes takes over. I was encouraged a lot by a Scottish friend who heard a demo version of Octane then immediately asked me when he could expect to hear the next song.

How do you foresee your future as a South African musician living abroad?

It certainly adds an interesting dynamic to playing abroad. Most people still aren’t accustomed to what exactly a South African is exactly - compared to what might be expected from American or British expats for example. I think, personally, it gives me a unique context within which to appreciate and navigate the circumstances I find myself in. It would be great to return to SA in future on a tour when we can warrant enough interest in such a thing happening.

We see you spent some time with Daniel Tompkins, of Tesseract fame. Tell us about your vocal training with Daniel!

It makes me realise why Dan is in one of the biggest rock bands around today - part of the key to his success, besides his insane talent at singing is his humility. He is the most chilled, down-to-earth and relatable guy, and that really resonated with me. You just can’t fake being that nice a person. He was so casual with his anecdotes while delivering lessons: “When I was on stage at Download this weekend I could feel at one part of the song I was reaching for a note…” but he is not bragging at all, but rather demonstrating through experience. Nothing but respect for that man and his band - I wish them every success in the world.

You performed with several local acts before moving to Hong Kong. Who were these bands?

Firstly there was HeadLost, which morphed into Pointing to Pieces - these were punk bands made with high school friends. I was singing in these bands (but, admittedly, couldn’t really sing back then…) when Eve stepped in as a vocalist, she would later found The Frown. The sound took a darker turn when this line up morphed into the popular emo/post-punk of the time, namely Cellar Door Diaries with the addition of vocalist Nic. The bassist of (most of) these bands then joined CrashCarBurn and still plays with them to this day. The other guys would go on to form Danceyou’reonfire. I then switched over to bass, from guitar, and joined post-hardcore/screamo band Your Name In Neon after their bassist and founding member emigrated. After that, I briefly played in a rock band with friends, called A Rival Departure, back in 2012.

Can you name your favourite S.A venue and your new hang out in Hong Kong and how do they compare?

My nostalgic favourite was definitely Tempos. More recently, I like Rumours Rock City as I have seen it expand and it is one of the only few spaces that actively support live music in Joburg. In Hong Kong, I’d have to say my favourite live venue is a place called This Town Needs. I’d say the venues are comparable in terms of quality and size - there are more venues in HK though as there, is a sizeable market and audience for Rock Music in Hong Kong.

Which is your favourite venue to perform in and tell us why? - Local and international?

I like live festival stages in the summertime, playing under the stars to thousands of people - once you’ve experienced that there’s no looking back.

Share with us your favourite pastime.

Aside from music, likely painting. I find it to be incredibly relaxing and allows my mind to think of solutions to any challenges I might be facing at that particular moment in time.

Do you have a preferred social network? If so, name it and tell us why?

As much as I love words, their preferred place for me is within the covers of a novel. As such I would likely say Instagram, as aesthetically it can be enriching to view great cinematic and photographic content, depending on who one follows. Without words, images seem to convey meaningful purposefully and meaningfully.

We see you spent four years teaching guitar and bass. How fulfilling was this role and are you still teaching?

Sharing the gift of being able to write and perform music with over one hundred people over a couple of years was incredibly meaningful to me and made me realise I have a passion for teaching too. I am still teaching, I teach English literature courses at a local high school in Hong Kong and am currently completing a Masters Degree in Education, as part of my plan to be a lifelong educator.

Any last words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to aspiring new artists?

Just Try.

Thank you for taking the time out in answering our questions.

Thank you to Underground Press for taking the time to interview me, sincerely appreciated. Your website is great and we wish you nothing but success for the future.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more exciting Damned If I Don’t developments to be announced soon. 

Thursday, 28 February 2019 15:40

HEROD Unveil Lyric Video 'Silent Truth'

After sharing stages with bands like Gojira, Crowbar, The Ocean, Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death and Voivod, HEROD, have proven their reputation as the bus boys of King Herod.

HEROD, are a progressive sludge band out of Switzerland who’s sound continues to resonate with fans of, Scarlet, Breach, Yob, Meshuggah, Gojira and Textures.

HEROD have released a brand new lyric single available now for your listening pleasure below!

Watch ‘Silent Truth’ below!

"'Silent Truth' is the last video clip from “Sombre Dessein” to be released and it is the first “lyric video” for the band. We decided to make a lyric video for 'Silent Truth' because it summarizes the concept of Sombre Dessein. Our Judaeo-Christian and thermo-industrial civilisation will eventually come to end and be replaced by another civilisation – It has always been on the cards.

"Our civilization has values no more.
Civilisations have always been founded/established by the power and assistance of war. We live in a critical moment in history where only a few humans ready to die for their beliefs can put a powerful nation on their knees. Who would die today for a smartphone or a couch?! We are exhausted and immersed in our own inertia; we have nihilism but no fervour anymore."

pel117 cover digital medium

Pre-order the album today

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