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Frederic Egersdorfer is the founder and owner of UNDERGROUND PRESS. He has taken on the role of senior Captain & Chief taking on the responsibilities of making sure that UNDERGROUND PRESS is a well-oiled machine. You can follow him on Twitter @F_Egersdorfer and at Instagram @f_egersdorfer

Copenhagen-based 5-piece instrumental band, The Shaking Sensations have returned with their second epic video, titled, 'In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts', leading up to their anticipated new album, ‘How are We to Fight the Blight’ due for release on the 4th October 2019.

‘In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’ follows just months after their first single in 6-years, titled, Tremendous Efforts and is the 3rd track to be revealed off their upcoming album, ‘How are We to Fight the Blight’. After a 6-year hiatus, The Shaking Sensations, return with a more mature sound, leaving behind their innocence, a second drummer, expanding their classic post-rock trend, giving them a unique edge to their rhythm style.

Watch ‘In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’ below!

The 3rd track to be revealed from Copenhagen instrumental rockers The Shaking Sensations’ upcoming album ‘How Are We To Fight The Blight?’, is a mind-crushing, 8-minute long, mastodon of a track that both showcases the bands heavier sides, as well as classic post-rock crescendos.”

'In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’ slowly unfolds around a simple guitar figure being repeated, while gloomy drones of tremolo, over-driven bass and synthesizers are gradually introduced. When the drums kick in after a few minutes, the vessel in which the listener will travel through the rest of the song has finally emerged. An ever-present sense of a band constantly hovering around an ominously close climax takes over - a climax that is postponed to the very last second. With ‘In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’, The Shaking Sensations both emphasize their obvious inspiration from the heavier and darker post-metal scene with acts such as Cult of Luna and Isis, but still maintain those sparkling and vibrant textures of modern and classic post-rock, ie. Explosions In The Sky, Mono and This Will Destroy You.”
pel129 cover digital medium

You may pre-order the full album in a Physical or Digital platform.

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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 16:55

INTERVIEW with Riaan Smit of Crimson House

We recently had the chance to catch up with Riaan Smit of Crimson House, to discuss their latest offering, 'Bounceology' just on time before they hit the road to do their album launch tour. 

Listen to 'Bounceology' below!

  1. So, 8  members in the band. How did you all meet?

It’s a long story with many timelines, you’re talking 6 core members and uncountable collaborations that make up the circus that is Crimson House. Our core members such as Drummer Christoph and myself met when we were 12, our second time hanging out we were in a band together, a punk band at first. Our guitarist Arno was a mutual friend of ours from the metal scene. Our original bassist before Andre who we met via Ann Jangle was Jacques who I met over a decade ago when he filled in for a show for my Metal band at the time. We met our horn boys Nick and Gareth in the circus when I was a ringmaster, Nick brought Tim in when he decided to put the horn down, and Tebogo I met a lifetime ago through a mutual Korean friend. And then there’s Nhoza who I met a lifetime ago through my sister, she’s like a sister to me.

  1. ‘Unicorns’ seems like a fun song. What inspired it?

Realizing that people put very little thought into what other people are doing, we’re all too concerned with our own lives. It’s a lovely sobering thought actually, because you can a unicorn, stand out of the crowd, and if people want to talk, give them something to talk about. I identify as a Unicorn, if you identify as a toaster then that’s your business, I won’t judge you.

  1. How did the ZZ-top influence come about into ‘On The Prowl’

I’ve been baptized in the blues since I took my first breath, my father was an avid blues and rock listener, waking me up at 2 am to listen to a riff or a lyric. Thing is for me it’s not Zztop that influenced that song, it’s John lee hooker, and he influenced ZZTop. I’ve always jammed that kind of riff at a million shows, after all this time I decided it was time to solidify that jam.

  1. Each song has its own uniqueness. Was this the plan from the beginning?

Very much so, besides the fact that we have an identity crisis, we also have so many tricks our sleeve it’s boring for to stick to one genre, we don’t really like to filter ourselves if it feels good to play, then that’s what matters.

  1. It’s nice to hear a mixture of brass instruments again. The sound is fun and catching. There aren’t many bands in South Africa that do this. Who were your influences?

SA bands are masters of the brass, our influences locally were definitely Nomadic Orchestra, Bomb shelter Beast, Grassy Spark, the Rudimentals, Hog Hoggity Hog,  Fuzigish, too many to say! But we have killer horn players in this country, some of the best I have heard

  1. How often do you jam together?

In the beginning, every day, as time goes on we definitely gig more than we rehearse, and jam, well we jam every show, we have our set planned, but there is always an element of improvisation in every show. When we write it’s hours of jamming to come to solid ideas.

  1. What is the best venue you’ve played at?

Impossible to say, so many amazing venues, I’d say Kirstenbosch gardens is up there in the top.

  1. What can everyone expect on your upcoming Tour?

A lot of bouncing for one. It’s a cardio work out for the crowd and us. We give our all at every show, and for anyone coming through to one of our shows, we guarantee a smile and a good time. We would love to guarantee that everyone will get laid but that all depends on your game, we’ll definitely set the ambience to get you going in the right direction.

Things are heating up in the lead-up to the AMP Events rock spectacular, Francois van Coke & Vriende, which takes place at Sun Arena, Times Square in Pretoria on 18th October. This prime event also serves as the official launch of Francois’ third solo full-length album, Dagdrome in Suburbia (Daydreaming in Suburbia).

To get everyone excited, Francois releases the first single with the same name as the upcoming album – Dagdrome in Suburbia featuring Spoegwolf on 30th August. This Afrikaans dream collaboration is about growing up in the suburbs.

Francois tells more about this collaboration: “Spoegwolf has become a big voice in the Afrikaans music industry over the last few years. I really wanted to do something with them, so I reached out to Danie. According to him Spoegwolf are all Fokofpolisiekar fans, so they were amped for the collaboration. We made a deal that if they feature on one of my songs, I will feature on one of their songs on their next album. So, we all win all the time!”

Watch the music video for 'Dagdrome in Suburbia' featuring Spoegwolf below!

Fokofpolisiekar bandmate, Jaco Snakehead Venter, filmed the music video at Liefde by die Dam, which was held at Emmarentia Dam early August.

Buy Dagdrome in Suburbia featuring Spoegwolf.

FVC DAGDROME IN SUBURBIA digital cover copy

Stream Dagdrome in Suburbia featuring Spoegwolf.

For the first week of release, the single will be exclusively available on iTunes and Apple Music.
Thereafter it will be available on all other digital platforms.

Francois van Coke & Vriende – Standing tickets are sold-out and seats are running out fast!


Francois van Coke & Vriende in Pretoria promises to be the premier arena concert of 2019 with new additions Riky Rick, Spoegwolf, The Voice SA 2019 winner Tasché and Riana Nel joining the already stellar line-up. Riky, Spoegwolf and Tasché also collaborates on Francois’ upcoming album.

This show is 80% sold-out!  There are no more standing tickets left, but luckily there are no bad seats in the house. AMP Event’s mind-blowing world-class production will leave no seat untouched.

ALL the Friends for Francois van Coke & Vriende PRETORIA 2019 are: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Riky Rick, Jack Parow, Early B, Fokofpolisiekar, Riana Nel, Danie du Toit (Spoegwolf), Laudo Liebenberg (aKING), Van Coke Kartel, Arno Carstens, Coenie de Villiers and Tasché.

Venue: Sun Arena, Time Square Casino, Menlyn, Pretoria 
Date: 18 October 2019
Cost: R295 | Tickets: Computicket ONLY - Computicket
Facebook event: Facebook Event

Thursday, 15 August 2019 09:06


There is something about a band that knows how to keep your ears glued.

South Africa is reaching for the stars with new talent, GO THE RODEO. Who unleashed their debut album, Lekker Chilled’. 

Right they are, ‘Lekker Chilled’ is what it is, and GO THE RODEO pull off their debut album as professional musicians without hesitation they set fire to our living rooms with this heavily enriched bouquet of tunes.

Their unique sound is easily recognizable as you notice their influences, like, ‘Smoke Me Like A Cigarette’ with the first chords sounding oh, so familiar. 

'Listen to Go The Rodeo' as you read on!

'Devil on My Shoulder' is one of my favourites, yet I can’t help but feel disappointed at the end as you suddenly feel hanging in the air with nothing to hold onto. Hearing the last of the lyrics, “I’ve got the devil on my shoulder, She keeps my head above the water”. With the abrupt ending, I feel there could have been more.

Recovering well in, ‘Sea Dog’ you find yourself gently eased into this song, almost as if you are the one floating in the ocean.

'Smoke Me Like A Cigarette’ lights up the airwaves and surrounds your ears with synthpop lyrics that certainly lends a tune or two from somewhere, (You decide!). Yet Go The Rodeo are definitely going somewhere with this. 

‘Vultures’ echoes in as the next track and cuts lose all boundaries as this chilled single plays through your bones.

‘Glass Walls’ plays on, still keeping the vibes chilled and plays with your imagination at times

My next favourite track off this album is. ‘Give me Black’ which vibrates through my soul and temps a repeat playback. I thoroughly enjoyed how Go The Rodeo arranged this one. 

Hitting a slightly harder rock sound, ‘Fringe’ keeps you bobbing your head until the chorus transports you over the edge as the second final single, ‘Never C Ur Face Again’ keeping the rhythm going and infecting your eardrums with their high energy, Go The Rodeo never have a dull moment.

Ending their ‘Lekker Chilled’ debut album with, ‘A Little Much’ you are gently eased into another familiar setting as Go The Rodeo keeps you enthralled and totally satisfied in the audio realm.

’Lekker Chilled' is an all-round masterpiece, perfect for long drives or even chilled evenings around a fire.

'Lekker Chilled' is available on all major streaming platforms and at Apple

Florida-based rapper/singer/songwriter Ely hits back today (August 16th) with his latest offering, 'Richard Nixon'. Coming off the heels of a busy summer, Ely is keeping the momentum and there is no sign of stopping.

“I always try to make my next song better than my last. With 'Richard Nixon', I did that while also creating a track with raw energy”

Listen to 'Richard Nixon below!

'Richard Nixon' was born out of the urge to no longer be the passive, nice person if it means compromising your hunger to be great. Ely delivers vivid wordplay while also carrying rebellious energy on top of an infectious beat. It keeps the momentum of raw hype energy.

ely richard nixon single

'Richard Nixon' is available on all major streaming platforms.


Ely, the Hollywood, FL-based rapper/singer/songwriter, has been making waves in the with his high-quality sound and electric persona. Working his way up the indie scene, Ely has focused on releasing a steady stream of singles to grow his fan base. With tracks like 'Bitter' & 'Legend', it’s easy to tell that he bends and twists the genre of hip-hop to whatever sound he likes, while still delivering hit tracks. Everything is setting the stage for a breakthrough in the close future.

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 09:46

The Vast Oddity Announce Gauteng Tour Dates

For the first time since releasing their 7 track album, Liquid Sun, online, The Vast Oddity will be hitting Gauteng at the end of August into September for their GP TOUR!

The Vast Oddity creates a sound that is hazy, dazy, and a little lo-fi. Their experimental sounds will make you feel like you’re drifting over the beach on a far-out summer’s day… but on another planet... in another galaxy… You’re also a sasquatch!

From hitting the airwaves on over 20 radio stations country and worldwide, to touring and performing at over 70 venues across South Africa, the 2 piece band is constantly in motion of spreading their audible art and trying to create an awesome experience through their sounds! Their trippy album is available for download and streaming on all major online music platforms as of March 2019!

From the 31st August – 7th September 2019, the band will be on tour in Gauteng jammin’ at venues in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Check out the dates below and keep posted with the venues and times of gigs, when and where to get tickets, other bands on the line-ups and bla bla bla! Brings your mates and have some otherworldly fun.

Gauteng Tour Dates

31st August Sognage (Randburg)

4th September Rusty Hook (Honeydew) (Awaiting FB link)

5th September JARR Bar & Restaurant (Pretoria)

7th September Railways Café (Centurion) (Awaiting FB Link)

Follow The Vast Oddity: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube

Friday 26 June 2019: As Friends, family and fans gather to pay tribute to music legend Johnny Clegg at a public memorial service today at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg at 12:30.

The family had issued a statement last week requesting fans to make donations to the Click Foundation instead of sending or laying down flowers.

One of our own remembers Johnny Clegg: ‘’Danny de Wet Remembers Johnny Clegg - Read his story here!’’

Clegg, who died at his Johannesburg home on July 16 after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer, was laid to rest on July 17 at a private funeral service. 

Over the weekend, Clegg's family released a statement announcing details of the memorial service in his honour. It will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 12.30pm. 

Admission to the memorial service is free and tickets can be collected at any Computicket.

Three-piece garage punk band, The Man Motels return with their, brand new single, titled, ‘That’s Crazy Baby’. A year after releasing their 8-track studio album, ‘Quit Looking at Me’, leading with their hit single, ‘Homecoming’, which rolled onto local airwaves in July 2018.

‘That’s Crazy Baby!’ was recorded and mixed at Kill City Blues Recording Studio by George van der Spuy and Shaun Herholdt and mixed by Tim Lengfeld at TL Mastering. The track also features the talents of George van der Spuy on select vocals.

'That’s Crazy Baby!' by The Man Motels is a mile-a-minute sonic assault filled with irresistible punk-rock energy.
The first single since 2018’s Quit Looking At Me is raw and fuelled by rage. Garrith Holloway’s voice crackles with anger from the beginning as he tells his ex to get the f**k out of his life.

His sentiments are backed up by the rest of the band as they deliver a sonic onslaught that might blast holes in your ear-drums if you let the volume get too high. The bass and drums are the power of the song, driving it as it shifts from seventh gear down to third and then right back up again while the rapid-fire guitar adds a hint of menace, keeping the song on the edge of a full-blown manic episode during those seventh gear sections.

Raucous and unbridled, That’s Crazy Baby! is a four-minute roller-coaster ride that’ll have your blood pounding, your bones rattling, and your ears wanting more and more. -  Single reviewed by, Daniel Luckoff-wessels
thats crazy baby man motels

'That's Crazy Baby!' is available at Spotify


The Man Motels is a three-piece garage punk band from Stellenbosch that made a loud and dynamic comeback with two new members in 2017 after the original trio disbanded in 2013. Bass guitarist Lyle Aspeling and drummer Pierre Horne joined guitarist and vocalist Garrith Holloway and immediately went to work, bringing a bigger sound, higher energy and undeniably riveting live performance to the table.

The result was an 8-track studio album tilted, Quit Looking at Me! and independently produced the music video for their hit single Homecoming, which thundered onto local airwaves in July 2018. The Man Motels now follows up the success of their debut offering with a new single, That’s Crazy Baby.

Follow The Man Motels: Facebook | Instagram

Thursday, 18 July 2019 11:17

Interview with Olly Steele of Monuments

British Progressive-metallers, MONUMENTS are set to return to South Africa in August, performing at, Mercury Live in Cape Town and Platteland in Centurian.

Following their massive return with their latest album to date 'Phronesis', and the announcement of their return to South Africa, UNDERGROUND PRESS had a chance to question Olly Steele on their return visit to the country.

Hi, Olly. We're super excited to see you are returning to South Africa and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

What has been the biggest highlight of your UK tour thus far?

Every show had great energy, but the Brighton and Techfest shows were my favourite! So sick.

What has been the most well-received single off ‘Phronesis’?

The numbers say 'Leviathan', but I think more people sing along to 'Mirror Image'? Who knows. Go buy the album and decide for yourself kidz ;)

When you were last in South Africa, did you have any time for sightseeing and if so, where did you go?

We did, we went to a couple of Safaris and they were pretty nuts. I didn’t see much else cos I was sick. It was great. 

Will you have time to do more sightseeing this time around and what are your few chosen spots?

Hopefully, obviously, we don’t know the area well so we’re open to suggestions!

What are you looking forward to being back in S.A?

The weather, the people, the show, and the unknown. 

Quote your favourite musician!

"Get in the car. And don’t touch nothing STAY in the car". 

Name 3 of Your favourite influential bands and their songs?

John Parr - 'St Elmos Fire', Randy Houser - 'Runnin outa Moonlight' and The Deadlians - 'I don’t wanna ride your aul one anymore'. 

Q: How would you describe your music to Trump?

If you don't like it then leave.

MONUMENTS Phronesis South Africa 2019 Tour dates

  • Friday, 9 August - Mercury Live, Cape Town. With support from Deity’s Muse and Thread of Omen. *no under 18s  BUY TICKETS
  • Saturday, 10 August - Platteland, Centurion. With support from Deity’s Muse and Red Helen. *no under 18s BUY TICKETS

Early Bird tickets are on sale now at R250 each until 29th May through, as well as at Computicket outlets and Checkers stores. Full price tickets at R330 will be available from 30 May onwards. 

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