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Frederic Egersdorfer is the founder and owner of UNDERGROUND PRESS. He has taken on the role of senior Captain & Chief taking on the responsibilities of making sure that UNDERGROUND PRESS is a well-oiled machine. You can follow him on Twitter @F_Egersdorfer and at Instagram @f_egersdorfer

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Riaan Nieuwenhuis returns with his brand new album, ‘REMINISCENCE’, set for release early next week on all major digital platforms. ‘REMINISCENCE’ is a collection of previously unreleased material.

Just as the album's title suggests. ‘REMINISCENCE’, has a chilled bluesy vibe with highly diverse instrumental material that is unique to sounds from Rock of all eras, including Flamenco, Hip Hop, Blues, Classical and more. The single, 'The Black One' taken from 'REMINISCENCE' has a heavier influence, unique to classic rock. 

Riaan Nieuwenhuis Jpeg 1

Listen to ‘The Black One’ below!

‘REMINISCENCE’ showcases, Riaan’s many influences across these many genres and each single was recorded over a long period of time in different setups and studios while working on other albums. Instead of releasing them as 10 separate singles a complete album was put together.

reminiscence album cover FINAL

Album Track List

  1. Silk
  2. Cruising
  3. The Point
  4. Summer Afternoon
  5. 2-6
  6. First Out
  7. Paracaida
  8. The Black One
  9. Indurate
  10. Namib Blues 2


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Lesser Glow Release New Video and Single 'Under The Polar Shade'

Boston five-piece band, LESSER GLOW have released 'Under The Polar Shade' taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Ruined' out on Pelagic Records on the 8th June 2018.

Watch 'Under the Polar Shade' below!

LESSER GLOW comprises a series of experienced professionals – engineers & session musicians who combine traditional doom meets melodic metal, paired with hardcore, post-rock and noise, integrating a complete and mature sound into what they call, "heavy music".

pel091 cover digital medium

Pre-order 'Ruined' today!

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WE ARE BANDICOOT Release New Single 'Waiting On'

Today (May 11th, 2018) sees the release of a brand new single from WE ARE BANDICOOT, titled 'Waiting On'. This is the first of a string of new singles soon to be released on their upcoming EP and will be launched on Spotify, later this year. 

The band's musical talents are influenced by an array of artists, such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Erykah Badhu, to name a few. 'Waiting on' is a laid back track reminiscent of such bygone eras of the late 70's and 80's. One can certainly hear a hint of Pink Floyd and Radiohead in this single. 

Listen to 'Waiting On' below!


"For us, this song fights against what we naturally do. Being quite a progressive band, most of our songs slide through multiple time signatures, rhythm changes and genres (all of this can be seen on our debut album 'Temper', on Spotify), however with this song we were keen to deliver a strong melody that matched the chord progression, but yet kept things simple, allowing us to grow the track still only using three chords."


WE ARE BANDICOOT, are from Kent, UK and are a unique and cultured alternative psych band that have gigged all over the world. Following successful tours in the UK and Europe they ventured to Asia, performing in Thailand and Cambodia - including a headlining residency at the infamous Otres Market. Don’t ask, just go there. Their travels have heavily influenced their musical style and lyrical content, they will take you on a journey during each live set. Packed full of energy, charisma and a sense of urgency We are Bandicoot are venturing to Australia for more international shows in 2018.

Upcoming Gigs


Follow WE ARE BANDICOOT: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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Free State Folk Fest In Support of CANSA - 27 - 29 April 2018

The Free State Folk Festival, hosted by Thanda Tau and in support of CANSA, promises to be loads of fun for the whole family with over 20 performing artists, a kiddies fun fest and food stalls spread over 3 days. Be sure not to miss any of the action by booking any one of the VIP chalets, backpackers or camping packages. 

Watch the video below!

See full line-up below!

free state folk fest logo 2018


“This is the first year that the festival will be taking place and the organizers wish to invite everyone, young, old and everything in between to come and join us as we bring the Eastern Free State back to life."

Get your tickets here!

This festival has come about in order to create not only awareness about cancer as a disease but also to create awareness and funds for CANSA - Eastern Free State. All funds raised will aid in furthering the ultimate goal at CANSA, and that is for a tomorrow free of cancer.

Please view all FAQ’s here!

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Christine Plays Viola: New Single 'Sentenced To Fall' Out Now!

Today sees the release of 'Sentenced to Fall' from Dark/New Wave band, Christine Plays Viola. This is their brand new single off their upcoming EP, titled, 'The Bonds Should Be Only Silver Threads'. due for release in May 2018.

Listen to 'Sentenced to Fall' below!

Christine Plays Viola is an Italian Dark / New Wave band formed in Pratola Peligna in 2008. After appearing on several compilations and after scoring three self-produced EPs, in 2011 Christine Plays Viola reached an agreement with the German label Af Music for the release of their first full-length album titled, 'Innocent Awareness'

'Innocent Awareness' is a popular album amongst many darkwave DJs and often played in many clubs around the world gaining popularity in many live shows often sharing the stage with bands like Clan Of Xymox, And Also The Trees, Pink Turns Blue, The Mary onettes, Modern English, Chameleons Vox, She Past Away, 1919, Motorama, Frank The Baptist, NFD, The Exploding Boy, The Beauty Of Gemina, Twisted Nerve, Whispers In The Shadow, Vendemmian etc.

After two years since their last album, 'Spooky Obsessions', Christine Plays Viola return with 'The Bonds Should Be Only Silver Threads' celebrating ten years together and continuing with their traditional trademark sound. 

cpv the bonds should be only silver threads

You can pre-order the album at bandcamp

Follow CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BandCamp | Youtube


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Watch: ABRAHAM Release New Single and Video 'Vulvaire'

Swiss Post-metal band ABRAHAM have released their latest music video, titled, 'Vulvaire', which is taken from their new album 'Look, Here Comes the Dark' due for release from Pelagic Records on the 11th May.

Abraham Look here comes the dark

The album takes a post-apocalyptic look at the end of times and is simply put, a concept album which is similar to a musical version of McCarthy's 'The Road', or Whitehead's 'Zone One'.

Watch 'Vulvaire' below!

The band says:

"'Vulvaire' is taken from the third part of our album. After the collapse of the reign of man in part one, after the reclaim of vegetation in part two, part three depicts the era of the mycelium. It is a new era where lush vegetation has given way to a humongous sprawling mycelium, controlling all remaining life. The last form of collective consciousness has merged into a gigantic organism whose ultimate task is to purge the planet of the scoria of humanity. We wanted to experiment with songwriting and arrangements. Emerge some magical moments, hybrid forms of life and bizarre new signs of religiosity. Pierre captured all this and injected it into a weird psychedelic 3d animated video. What is happening here is indescribable and requires to forget about everything you ever expected from a "metal" video…“

Pre-order 'Look, Here Comes the Dark' now!


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Death Party UK To Release 'Hellfire Rock'n'Roll' Volume 3

Post-punk Gothic-Rockers Death Party UK, is set to release their new album, titled, ‘Hellfire Rock’n’Roll vol.3’. Scheduled for release on the 30th of April, 2018. Death Party UK is set to launch a campaign that will coincide with the album's release.

Death Party UK is fronted by Trevor Bamford, vocalist of Midnight Configuration and ex-guitarist of Every New Dead Ghost and head of the Nightbreed Organization.

Following on from where Volume Two left off, Volume Three from the on-going 'Hellfire Rock’n’Roll' release series sees the band put forward yet more dance floor melting tracks that just radiate cool and rock’n’roll swagger. Songs about the dark and sexy side of musical life as well as in some cases, the afterlife! A veritable feast of tracks that just take control of your cranium and won't let go until they are good and ready. Which might well be never! One for fans of The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Clash, Roky Erikson, Fields of The Nephilim (early stuff) early Motorhead, etc, etc.

The album can be found on the following digital download platforms such as iTunes/Amazon, with more to be confirmed soon. (Stay tuned!)

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LLNN Release New Video Single Titled 'Appeaser'

Today sees the release of Danish post-metal/Sludge band LLNN's new video titled 'Appeaser' taken off their new album 'Deads' set for release on the 27th April via Pelagic Records. 

Formed in 2016, LLNN, have absolutely been raging on since displaying their creative raw sludge/metal talent driven by subtle sounds of doom. Their overwhelming sound is totally unique to their own style, performed and perfected over the past 2-years.

Watch 'Appeaser' Below!

The brothers' comment:

"We are fascinated by how the human mind tends to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadows, as creatures and structures.
A psychological phenomenon called “Pareidolia”. And how music and visuals can evoke certain emotions in us and let our imagination unfold into abstract storytelling.
These are the thoughts behind the music video and the album artwork of “Deads” (with photographs by drummer Rasmus G. Sejersen).
The overall album theme of “Deads” is about births and downfalls of civilizations in other worlds throughout the universe.
From creation to final decay, the depletion of the host - scenes which inspired the music video.
All the footage is filmed mostly with macro lenses to create the extreme close-ups in combination with a few wide shots.
Created in a minimalistic setup in our parents home. (Combined with some heavy Halo Reach 2v2 gaming. Come get some!)."

pel108 cover digital hires preview

You may pre-order the album at Pelagic Records! 

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NAPALMA Set To Release 'A Big Funky Family Vol1' March 30th 2018

Brazillian act, NAPALMA are set to release a series of 3 volumes, titled 'A Big Funky Family' - Starting with 'Vol1' 

‘A Big Funky Family – Vol1’ is the first of a series of 3 volumes, each containing six songs created along with many collaborators, music producers, singers and musicians around the world. The songs were crafted in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, France, Brazil, Egypt and were all glued together by the music producer Marcel Dadalto in Berlin.

‘A Big Funky Family – Vol1’ will be launched worldwide on March 30 on iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Also, the fans will be able to buy a Music Download Card at the shows and then retrieve the songs on the band’s website.

This new release brings new sounds and spices to NAPALMA, adding a catchy electronic arrangement on its massive tunes, heavily influenced by the music experiences throughout several years touring around Africa, South America and Europe.

NAPALMA’s ‘A Big Funky Family Tour' kicks off on the 30th of March at Splashy Fen Festival in South Africa and continue to Pretoria, Namíbia, Durban, Egypt, Portugal and Karneval Der Kulturen Berlin 2018. More dates to be announced soon.

Take a Listen to 'A Big Funky Family' here!

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Bottomless Coffee Band: In the Spirit of Human Right`s Day

Bottomless Coffee Band released the first single off their new album 'Anthelia' in January this year. With Human Right`s Day coming up this week, Esté Rabé speaks about the story behind the writing and creating of 'Broken System'

Watch 'Broken System' below!

“I really like to listen to people`s life stories.  It`s often heartbreaking and other times it’s drenched in hope, either way, it really inspires me. Every single human being walking this planet was influenced by their upbringing and circumstances.  Many of these circumstances were shaped by systems; systems that might have been created with good intentions, but systems that in so many cases, were broken.  Broken systems could include gender roles and expectations, political systems and decisions, religious systems and beliefs, school systems and peer pressure as well as cultural practices and orientations.  It could also resemble our perceptions shaped by what we were influenced by and the pressure and hurt we experience because of this.

These broken systems have chipped off a piece of all our hearts, but the one thing that unifies us all is that we are survivors of these broken systems.  We still have the gift of life, to walk this planet, and to make a difference where we are planted.

As South Africans, we all have the responsibility to fight for one another`s rights.  We have the responsibility to take hands and to work hard to make an example of our incredible country where so many cultures are together in one space.  We thoroughly believe that we have the ability in us as individuals and citizens of South Africa to work towards a country in harmony.  A country that will be a world-leader in reconciliation and a bread basket to the world.

On Human Right`s day, we say YES to the rights of every human being in South Africa.  May this song bring joy to your heart; a joy for a beautiful future.  Because we are all survivors and we can fight for a better future, together.”

More about the band:

Multi-Instrumental Folk-Pop Duo Bottomless Coffee Band has steadily been making waves in the SA Music Industry and fans will be delighted with the news that their second full-length album  “Anthelia” was released in February 2018. The band takes a more flavoured turn with this new offering and the album consists of 11 brand new tracks. Lourens and Esté Rabé of BCB say that the aim was to make a diverse album while maintaining the ethos of the band. They have carefully conjured up songs that stay true to their aim to “create a feel-good vibe with a strong message”. It includes gutsy social political songs with unique local flavour, crowd-favourite power ballads and goose-bump love songs. The sound is a combination of folk-pop and rock with hints of classical tones. They have even included one or two surprises for Afrikaans fans.  This album will make you dance, smile, cry and sing along, all in the song-journey of one couples experience of life.  

BCB has played an average of 150 shows per year since the release of their debut album “Room With A View” in 2015. The successful release, lead the couple to leave both their corporate careers to “take the leap of faith” and build a career in full-time music.

Upcoming shows:


Date: 22 March
Venue: The Music Kitchen. 69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.
Time: 19h00.
Tickets: R120 at

 Date: 23 March
Venue: True Living // Cradock
Time: 19h30
Cost: R170 (includes canapés) 
Facebook: .../lanitrueliving/

Date: 25 March
Venue: Tolbos // Patensie
Time: 11h00 (opens) for 13h00 (show begins)
Cost: R100
Facebook Event:

1 April: KKNK // Castle Lager-stage at 16h15. 
2 April: KKNK // Castle Lager- stage at 12h30.


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