Katy Perry – Witness The Tour

14-06-2018 By Tarryne Rautenbach In Editorials

She’s a character called Katy Perry! The no-nonsense-girl-next-door who’s made her own documentar...

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Memorizing Dominant Chords for Beginners

05-02-2018 By Marc-Andre Seguin in Opinion

If you have listened to any music, you have definitely heard dominant chords played.  They are very common in jazz music and other genres. A dominant chord contains a number after...

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Arts and Culture

These are the Top 5 Cities to Visit if You’re a Music Lover!

11-04-2018 By Lisa Jones In Arts and Culture

Music is one of the leading factors that mould different cultures and way of life. Most people now are more passionate about music and became the subject that drives their...

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