Hidden Gems 2018

Hidden Gems in music 2018 Hidden Gems in music 2018

Hidden Gems 2018

By / Features / Tuesday, 01 January 2019 06:39

Currently, at the time this was written was still 2018, if you’ve already crossed over to 2019 (…or beyond); 1) Greetings from the past, 2) There’s some music that you left back here! By now everyone has published their “Top (X) of 2018” lists filled with everything you’ve already seen and/or heard but we do it a bit different around here. Yes, UNDERGROUND PRESS has remained vigilant and has scoured the “interwebs” for under-the-radar albums, and buried songs from 2018 and placed them right here in absolutely no order for all of you future dwellers…have a listen!

GEM: The tracks ‘Urban Wilderness’ & ‘Prelude For You’ from the album Bloom

South Africa’s EMERGER busted onto the scene with their debut ‘Bloom’ way back In May of 2018 and with it a music video for lead single Hindsight and awards for ‘Break & Fall’. Don’t let that distract you from digging a bit deeper into this little set of songs. ‘Urban Wilderness’ and ‘Prelude for You’ are two tracks that absolutely need your ears. The tracks feature some of the duo’s strongest melodies and overall songwriting. Listen below!

GEM: The Album ‘Chime’

American rapper DESSA’s album ‘Chime’ features some of the most indelible and substantive lyrics that will likely go vastly underappreciated. The Minneapolitan turn New Yorker tackles issues pertinent to not only an artist but female hip-hop artist who is fearless in her endeavours. ‘Fire Drills’ is one of the hardest hitting songs on the album but from top to bottom Chime is as wide as it is deep with a bounce here and there to keep even the most mundane hip-hop head hooked on her every syllable. Listen below!

GEM: The standalone single ‘Fiasco’

There is no doubt that hip-hop has been boosted by the many beefs and battles between rappers over the years. In fact, “beef” is to hip-hop as is apple pie is to America. Brooklyn rapper PATH P ditches that formula with this homage to one of his primary lyrical inspirations LUPE FIASCO. The track itself is a standalone single tied to a music video featuring sprawling vistas depicting the rapper's hometown, Brooklyn, New York. Sometimes all we need is a little love… ...you know? Watch below! - Video Produced by Arkayem

GEM: The song ‘Faithless’ from the Dirge EP

Perhaps 2018 wasn’t as loving and left you with a bitter aftertaste instead. Let DURGE provide you with that much needed cathartic cleansing as you embrace this New Year. The track ‘Faithless’ dials up all the right dark emotions that embody a previous year gone wrong and does it in spectacular fashion. DURGE leans on their heavy instrumentation a dark aesthetic all across Dirge, but this track that increases the emotive potency by a considerable factor. The desperation, depression, and crippling certainty of helplessness are on full display. Check out the track and the album for yourself below!

GEM: The track ‘Silk’ from the album Reminiscence

RIAAN NIEUWENHUIS has put in a lot of work throughout the years. Picture, in your mind the opening intro to a throwback crime show, or a montage of towering skyscrapers or sweeping shots of an inner city over a listen to ‘Silk’. The track is a nostalgic minimalistic trip-hop instrumental piece off of RIAAN’s most recent release that should age like a fine wine even as it already sports an “urban classic” feel to it. Listen here!

reminiscence album cover FINAL

GEM: The track ‘Luminace Forever’ from the album 'Leave the Bones'

Last but certainly not least, ring in this New Year with the nuclear warhead of a track that is ‘Luminace Forever’. WIRE LOVE delivers an absolutely massive sound on their latest release Leave the Bones, and this track brings it with gusto. The bass tone has a freakishly menacing fuzzy overdrive that probably shook Europe during the recording session but the rest of the band doesn’t wither in its wake. If you’re down for a screamo or post-hardcore revival in 2019, make sure to keep this track in your playlists. Listen Here

WIRE LOVE Leave the Bones Album Cover

As always stick with UNDERGROUND PRESS for new artists and new music from all genres and every corner of the earth, but especially South Africa’s immensely deep music scene!



Russell Miller

Russell Miller


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