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KULTURE SHOCK Releases First Single

KULTURE SHOCK Releases First Single KULTURE SHOCK Releases First Single

SILVABLACK is a rising star on the SA RAP scene; creating his own genre of music for those who are more inclined to listen to the EMINEM's of the world.

His music style makes no apologies and doesn't conform to the POP norms; for those who love real rap lyrics, SILVABLACK will surprise you.

kulture shock

With the expanse of SA music and millions of listeners looking for more out of popular music, they're finding something different in this sound.

Be sure to catch his new collaboration with Producer 2Shoes (Matekis2Shoes), who together have managed to fuze a Euro/Afro Dark-Dance-Rap sound that is electrifying! Also featuring some guest vocalists & artists who have worked on this EP.... so be sure to follow the single release dates starting 11.01.19 with the first track; 'LOVE THE HYPE'.

kulture shock

We are very excited to follow KULTURE SHOCK breaking ground in a new genre of SA Music.

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