4 Ways Music Affects Your Life

4 Ways Music Affects Your Life Image Source: unsplash.com

4 Ways Music Affects Your Life

By Anonymous / Op-ed / Monday, 30 December 2019 20:18

Since the beginning of time, music has been a ubiquitous part of every society and one of the rare things not reserved for the wealthy. Every person with the ability to hear could enjoy music, and once a song gets stuck in your mind, no one can take it away from you anymore.

Tone and rhythm, two basic music components, are deeply engraved in human physiology. You can notice this by simply observing your breathing or your heartbeat, as they both have a specific rhythm. Also, as we speak, our voice is not monotonous. Instead, we use various tones, and we utter them with a different volume, which can influence the meaning of our sentences.

With this in mind, you can be confident that music can affect a lot of things in our lives, a few of which we’ll mention in this article. Let’s start!

Music Boosts Brain Power

It is often said that people who learn how to play an instrument and keep doing it for a few years also get better in other areas of life. This happens because music is one of the rare activities that activates almost every part of our brain and helps all parts develop equally.

Specifically, children who learned how to play an instrument for three or more years proved to have developed other vital skills such as better vocabulary, motor skills, and even some non-verbal reasoning skills.

Alters Mood and Feelings

Interesting research has shown that music can influence our mood even at the earliest stages of life — when we are only a fetus in our mother’s womb. Scientists claim that the baby can remember the frequencies the mother is exposed to while still in the belly. Later on, when the baby is born, the mother can calm it down by singing or playing the same melodies.

When it comes to the connection between music and feelings, everyone can confirm that this connection is profound. When we are sad or disappointed, we feel that no one understands us. In those moments, people usually play some sad music they can relate to, as it helps them feel understood. They sometimes even cry to let their sadness out.

On the other hand, fast music that has a catchy melody often evokes positive emotions within us. It makes us dance and sing, and both of these activities cause us to feel good about ourselves.

This can be seen in movies where music plays a crucial role when it comes to leaving the right impression on the audience. In romantic comedies with happy endings, the final scene when everything is just the way it’s supposed to be is always followed by a song that goes along with the feeling of happiness. However, when you watch a horror movie, the scenes probably wouldn’t have the same scary effect without the music that builds suspense.

Exercise and Motivation

Is music good for health? is a question many of us asked ourselves at one point in our lives. Apart from helping us feel good about ourselves, another significant characteristic of music is that it can motivate us and make us move even when we feel lazy and want to be a couch potato forever.

All gym lovers have a playlist with carefully chosen songs for exercising. Even if you don’t have one, don’t worry — YouTube is full of those these days. These songs are mainly fast ones that make you move when you hear them, which easily transforms a boring weight-lifting session into your favourite part of the day.


This popular hashtag that is used primarily for photos can also be applied to music. New songs come out regularly and each of them marks a particular period. But when we love a certain song or band, it stays in our hearts forever.

Years go by, and again, new songs become popular. However, even after multiple years have passed, every time we hear a song we used to love, it reminds us of that moment in the past and revives our memories from that period.

To finish on a motivating note, it is believed that different types of music activate different parts of our brains, so make sure you frequently expose yourself to various genres to reap all the benefits music provides us with.


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