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Formed in Edmonton, Alberta. Psyche is a Canadian band, now based in Germany. Chosen for its meaning and named after the B-side of Killing Joke’s Wardance single. Psyche’s first debut performance was on December 13th, 1982 with Dwayne Goettel on additional keyboards.

Psyche was known for their bizarre live shows wherein Darrin, apart from being covered in shaving cream, performed nude while talk-singing and shouting over the music. This performance idea was inspired by pictures seen of Fad Gadget in British Music Magazines.

No albums were released until 1985, after Goettel’s departure.

Psyche has released a string of albums over the past 20 years and all their music can be streamed on BandCamp.

After the release of their third studio album, ‘Mystery Hotel’, Darrin Huss took over from his brother Stephen and began collaborating with David Kristian, leading to a new album, ‘The Influence’, in 1989.

Following ‘The 11th Hour’, Psyche shifted their focus on touring rather recording, playing shows and festivals across Europe, North and South America and even South Africa, performing at HECTIC ON HOPE, 2004 and the KLEIN LIBERTAS THEATRE and MERCURY LIVE, 2007 with some of S.A’s top bands, including, Battery 9, Winter Soul, ANKST and many more, organised by Subterania.

Psyche is currently working on a new album.

Listen to 'Unveiling The Secret' Full-length album below:

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Watch 'Misery' below:

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