Psyche Returns With First Brand New Material in Almost 13 Years!

Psyche Returns With First Brand New Material in Almost 13 Years! Psyche Returns With First Brand New Material in Almost 13 Years! Psyche - Darrin Huss

Psyche Returns With First Brand New Material in Almost 13 Years!

By / News / Thursday, 24 August 2017 10:09

Ever since the last full length 'The 11th Hour' in 2005, Psyche has been touring, and releasing the occasional compilation, or re-releases of their classic 80's tracks, while quietly accumulating sounds and thoughtful lyrics covering life experiences, and social developments through the last decade.

Now it’s time for the first official songs written by the current lineup of Stefan Rabura and Darrin Huss who have built on the legacy to bring their take on what’s to come in future generations.

'Youth Of Tomorrow' speaks of today’s disenchanted young. Social media motivated while feeling ripped off and still under control of their elder's corporate ideals and controlled system. Comprising the classic 80s estheticism of their analogue synth based sound with tribal beats, and big sound production of the modern digital age. The song is cynical, but a celebratory anthem. Ready to blast its way into the senses of today’s generation while rejuvenating Psyche’s status in the process.

 "I'm taking pictures of future memories

Before it, all goes down

An empire falls again...

All gone, youth of tomorrow
New World, the money's all been spent
Lost cause, get ready to place your bets..."

'Truth Or Consequence' is no slouch B-Side either. Instead, we have a song 5 years in the making. Beginning as 'Life on Trial' in respect to the Bradley Manning court case, and now reflecting on the pardon of the said whistleblower, now known as Chelsea Manning and the following protests and survival within the Trump era. Dieselgate, Twitter Trolls, and social unrest.

Who’s telling the truth now? and what are the consequences for actions today?

This song finds Psyche leaving their mark on the new Cold Wave generation. Utilising sounds such as the Oberheim Drum Machine that was originally heard in 1985 on The Brain Collapses

and keeping their dark indie moods reminding their audience where they came from while showing the newbies how it’s done!

Vocally Darrin has reached new heights in his abilities throughout Psyche’s latest live performances, and it definitely shows on the new recordings.

Stefan Rabura with his exceptional sense of sonic abilities and intuitive soundscaping is the perfect match for Darrin’s brother Stephen, who left us just as Psyche began their renaissance with their 30th-anniversary releases on ArtofFact Records.

Psyche always had one step ahead of the future, and the future is now just catching up with the youth of tomorrow.

PS. the song will be accompanied by an MTV 'Thriller' mini-film style video created with independent award-winning filmmaker Rob Barriales in New York.



Frederic Egersdorfer

Frederic Egersdorfer

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