Rivita – W.T.L.I.G R.M.X Music Video Review & Artist Blurb

Featured Rivita – W.T.L.I.G R.M.X Music Video Review & Artist Blurb Rivita – W.T.L.I.G R.M.X Music Video Review & Artist Blurb

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RIVITA, hailing from New Delhi, is an electro-pop artist now residing in Syracuse, New York prepping for the release of her Tribal Love EP. A singer since the age of 5, she has made considerable strides in forwarding her career as a recording artist after settling in the UK and rousing interest after being featured in magazines across the country. Back at home RIVITA won an Indian Music Video Award for her ‘Listen’ music video and has been nominated for awards at a host of film festivals for her for works. Entering the home-stretch before the release of her debut EP ‘Tribal Love’, she has also released her latest music video for ‘W.T.L.I.G R.M.X’.

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The song itself is a remix of her lead single ‘While the Love Is Gone’. The original song drew upon a minimalist approach. The sonic landscape of the original as compared to the remix is sparse and depended on a lot more on the performance RIVITA delivers. The remix is distinctively avant-garde. The production sacrifices the potency of the vocal and the lyrics therein to up the ante energy-wise. The gamble pays off for the most part as the entire track provides for a sort of trippy and psychedelic ride through the mind that is racing at the speed of light. The video takes its cue from the music and effortlessly compliments the music with guidance from RIVITA’s artistic vision and skills behind the editing desk.

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Electronic today is rife with hi-fi sonic innovation at the highest levels of the music industry. Vocals are fine-tuned, rhythmic patterns are mechanically tight, and the bass is thumping; you will not find that with RIVITA. Instead, you’ll be drinking in a life’s worth of experience travelling the globe channelled through a focused creative freedom that’s coming straight from the tap unfiltered. For some, RIVITA’s avant-garde do-it-yourself approach may be too raw to be palatable, but underground music junkies will feel all of this. Check out 'W.T.L.I.G R.M.X' below!

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