Special Decade Episode with #TWEAK on THE SA ARTIST SPOTLIGHT


In this once in a decade interview opportunity, The SA Artist Spotlight team met up with 90’s punk superheroes, TWEAK. In this special decade reunion episode they spill the beans on their epic return debut show at this year’s Oppikoppi and jumping onto stage in true 90’s punk style after just one rehearsal. Lead singer, Garth Barnes touches on the goings on of Crash Car Burn.

Relive the good old days in this totally nostalgic episode as TWEAK explains how much the warm welcome back in the scene meant and seeing fans still singing along to the all the lyrics of their old tunes. Nick Darke and his team had the privilege of capturing some exclusive footage of the band performing ‘Birthday Card’ and ‘Britney Spears’ LIVE.

Of course as usual, Nick finds out what their take is on the South African music scene.

Take a look at TWEAK’s episode on The SA Artist Spotlight YouTube Channel below: 

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