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A lot of people in the music industry are cynical, and with good reason. We live in the shadow of true greatness – classic acts who redefined the way we consume sound. But we don’t seem to have any greats of our own, unless of course you think that the current crop of pop stars is great.


That lack of greatness comes from a lack of passion for the music. People tend to want fame, recognition and riches instead of having an impact. And it’s sad.

But that’s why Phoenix Turbine is so important. They got together for the sole purpose of exploring their passion, and you can feel it.

They’ve been given an opportunity and will be taking it come Halloween. We chatted to them about what they’re all about.

Tell us a little about your sound.

We are a three-piece: bass, drums, guitar. We have an indie pop funk thing going on.

Are you looking forward to the Halloween show? It’s going to be huge…

Definitely, we want to see all the crazy costumes

How did you guys connect and start the band?

Vlad(guitar/vocals) and Tom met in 2003 at college. They were in several acts together. Tumi(drums) and Vlad met in their hood. Tumi was banging the drums and we enjoyed his playing and the band was formed

Unusual name – what’s the story?

Vlad went to Splashy Fen 2013 - he drank the cool-aid. He was sitting in his tent and closed he's eyes, and he saw a phoenix flying through a jet turbine. It was really strong Oros.

If you had to be stuck in a Halloween costume forever, which one would you choose?

Vlad would be an alien, Tom would be Naruto and Tumi would be Barakis.

Pretoria – get amped for the passion! Check out Phoenix Turbine and a bunch of scarily good acts at Arcade Empire’s Halloween Party in Pretoria.

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