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colour faction1COLOUR FACTION Releases Debut Single 'MARCO POLO'
~ Debut EP Available for Pre-Order! ~

13th-century explorers on the Silk Road; exotic dancers moonlighting as World War 1 spies; iconoclastic stars of the silver screen. These characters can all be found in the songs of COLOUR FACTION, who are releasing their debut single 'MARCO POLO' today. Their debut self-titled EP, set for release on 11 August 2017, is also available for pre-order on iTunes from today.

MARCO POLO was written by frontman Joshua G. Ackerman 2 years ago. As a fan of songs that juxtapose bright, happy melodies and peppy rhythms with sad, sometimes downright depressing lyrics, he set out to write a song in that vein.

“Have you ever woken up in the middle of night, suddenly terrified at the thought that your dreams might never come true? I combined that feeling with the notion of what it means to be an “explorer” – Marco Polo himself, but also pop culture heroes and cinematic adventurers like David Carradine and Johnny Guitar. I asked myself: What does it take to be brave enough to explore one’s true self, to risk it all, to be fearless and ‘play the scene like Marlon Brando?’” says Joshua.

For him, the music itself came a lot easier than the words. There’s no bouncier beat than the one made famous by the Supremes on ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ and Iggy Pop on ‘Lust for Life’. Incorporating that swing rhythm was a big step toward achieving the happy/sad dynamic he was after. When it came to the melody, there were two objectives: to capture a sense of yearning and to make listeners feel like they’re soaring, especially when the chorus kicks in. These were the final ingredients needed to mix up the bittersweet brew that is MARCO POLO.

“The track is a perfect way to introduce Colour Faction to new fans as it’s a great showcase for our boy/girl harmonies. We’re inspired by bands like the New Pornographers and Mother Mother, whose intricate vocal dynamics set them apart from everyone else in indie rock. We work very hard at this – it’s what we’d describe as the Colour Faction sound and we are excited for the world to hear it!”

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Buy / Stream MARCO POLO on iTunes HERE!

COLOUR FACTION EP - Available for Pre-Order!

COLOUR FACTION’s debut EP will be released on 11 August. Pre-Order it today and receive MARCO POLO instantly, as well as another brand new track, TALK TO THE TREES on 4 August.

The music video for MARCO POLO is set for release on 28 July 2017.

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