CRAIG LUCAS and PAXTON FIELIES - Collaborate To Bring You 'Smother'

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Craig Paxton Wings Jurie Neetling

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Today sees the release of a collaboration between 2017 The Voice winner, CRAIG LUCAS and 2017 Idols winner, PAXTON FIELIES for a new rendition of Craig’s latest single, entitled 'SMOTHER'. 'SMOTHER' is Craig’s second single from his debut album, 'RESTLESS', which was released in October 2017.

“The inspiration behind the single stems from being so in love with someone, that you ignore that fact that they are hurting you. It comes from being in a toxic relationship when you build your life around someone and you are willing to accept all the shit as long as you can be with the person. The person in the song is so deep in that he is willing to put up with being cheated on and being treated badly as long as he can be with his love.”

Craig followed Paxton’s journey on Idols and sent her a message to let her know he was a fan. They also both hail from Cape Town, with Craig from Elsies River, and Paxton around the corner from Bishop Lavis. 

The two singers talked about making music together and with their two agents being good friends, a collaboration was inevitable. Paxton loved 'SMOTHER' and asked Craig if she could cover it; he did one better - to get her to sing the song with him and release it officially.

“We were both among the younger group of contestants in our respective reality shows and we are both new to the industry. I feel like we both bring a fresh new perspective on local music. We also know that we have a lot to prove to be winners of talent shows, so we're both driven to give our absolute best and make sure whatever we do is done with meticulous attention to detail so that create music of the highest quality.” says Craig.

CRAIG LUCAS Smother ft Paxton Single Cover

Craig describes the new version of 'SMOTHER' as more relatable than his original version. It contains a tenderness to the lyrics attributed to Paxton’s vocals, which gives the song a whole new dimension. “The lyrics take on a new meaning with her singing it and it adds to the depth of the emotions portrayed in the song.”

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