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easy freakPhoto by Matt Masson.

A year and a half in the making and many late nights, good and bad songs later, EASY FREAK has finally released their much-anticipated debut album, 'I'm ALRIGHT', out today.

EASY FREAK, consisting of Dom Hurd and Jude Kenrick, has recorded and produced 'I’m ALRIGHT' independently. Recorded at their home studio overlooking the beautiful eThekwini, both Dom and Jude shared the processes of writing and producing of the album, with Dom also taking on the mixing of the tracks.

“We see music as a pure form of expression. When we experience life, our reaction to that is through our music. For us to express ourselves so openly and with such vulnerability, and for people to welcome us with so much enthusiasm; that's been really heartwarming. That inspires us to keep writing.”

The biggest theme throughout the album is love; love and loss - a universal theme not only experienced by the duo, but also mankind in general. The theme of God is also a recurring one; finding comfort in religion throughout tough times of love and loss is also something EASY FREAK writes about.

EASY FREAK decided on the title 'I’m ALRIGHT' because it has a few layers to its meaning: “It speaks of the masks we put on in life, about the questions and doubts that pop up, and about how life doesn't always make sense. But through all of that, we seem to come out on top; we find peace in not always knowing, in asking questions, and in not always having it together. Nobody's perfect, but we're alright.”

'I’m ALRIGHT' not only features the signature elements of funky groove, future sounds, heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies and emotion ever present in EASY FREAK’s music, but also includes some slower, more sensitive tracks very different from their previous singles. Filled with emotion and feeling, they wanted the tracks to evoke deeper thoughts or make people reminisce on other times.

The album also features a number of collaborations with the likes of Raheem Kemet (heard on their previous single ‘Moves On You’), Durban rapper ByLwansta, Red Robyn, Jaedon Daniel, and Kaien Cruz, a member of WolfpackX (Sketchy Bongo/Aewon Wolf).

easy freak im alright album cover


  1.     I’m Alright
  2.     Without me
  3.     Brother
  4.     Gotta Be You
  5.     Bitter Taste (feat. Kaien Cruz)
  6.     Moves on You (feat. Raheem Kemet)
  7.     No Other Love (feat. ByLwansta)
  8.     Other Side (feat. Red Robyn & Jaedon Daniel)
  9.     Captivated
  10.     Only One
  11.     Let Go
  12.     Pills and Drinks

“We enjoy the music that we make and we hope that people feel that too when they listen to the album. We’re definitely excited to have a full body of music out there and we’re very proud of ‘I'm Alright’; we can't wait to hear what people think of it.”

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