GÜRSCHACH Describes a Harrowing Year in New Music Video

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San Francisco experimental metal outfit Gürschach, have released their music video for their single 'What Do You Think This Is (A Game)'. Filmed by Rebel Mind Productions, the video is the first music video to be made from the material off their newly released album Dark Matter, which came out on December 1st. Released a year after Donald Trump’s inauguration, this video serves as a year in review of 2017, depicting significant events through the use of both popular clips, and exclusive footage.

While the song itself could be up to interpretation, the video creates more of a snapshot of what it was like living in America during 2017. It is set in an average apartment, where a man seeks to distract himself from the news by watching a game show until the band hijacks his TV. Major events such as the North Korea conflict, the protests in the wake of the election, war, and environmental concerns flash throughout the video. While the viewer is initially resistant, he becomes horrified by what he sees, and later becomes enraged, to the point of leaving the set. The video depicts many scenes with heavy political connotations but doesn't appear to favour any particular side, thus making it ambiguous who is at fault in each scene. Overall, the tone of the video appears to come from a real and relatable place, with so many people today who are either unsure or afraid of what their future will be like. It’s truly hard to say what the future may hold, but a reflection of last year might be what’s needed to prepare for it.

Watch 'What Do You Think This Is (A Game)' below!

This video is to be one of the many video projects planned for the album’s release. An extensive tour is following the release of the album, and chances are, the band will be at a venue near you soon! Buy their shirts!

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