JAMIE-LEE SEXTON Releases First Solo Single 'Magic'

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Jamie Lee Sexton 2

“Believe in magic, and you will find it."

Jamie-Lee Sexton founded The Sextons in 2014, and after a magical musical journey, Jamie-Lee has made the decision to rebrand herself as a solo artist.

This newfound direction is about reinventing herself as an artist with a renewed energy and vision, with a greater understanding of connection and the creation of a three-dimensional future in music.

Her solo EP, 'MAGIC' features songs that stem from her personal stories and life experiences, a creation which she would like to share with the world.

Her debut single, 'MAGIC' is reminiscent of the magic that Jamie-Lee believed in as a child. Mesmerizing audiences with her music, Jamie-Lee has decided to go back to the time where The NeverEnding story was real, Labyrinth was scary and Willow was her friend.

Produced by SAMA Award-winning Producer, Crighton Goodwill, this is the echelon that Jamie-Lee envisions for her solo career and lines his approach to music and undeniable passion.

'MAGIC' releases on Friday 8th September 2017

Listen to the track Magic | Available for purchase on ITunes

With talented and accomplished musicians accompanying her at her performances, Jamie-Lee will continue to intrigue audiences with her powerful vocals, unforgettable stage performances and presence at an array of festivals in South Africa and Africa.

Playing an array of instruments including, the guitar, piano and the ukulele, Jamie-Lee a multi-faceted artist in the genre of  "Alternative Pop" which is a blend of various musical styles, including funk, pop and a whole lot of soul.

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