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JUST JINJER have released a brand new single, WONDERFUL WORLD. After a seven year hiatus from the recording studio, and a multitude of life experiences, the band have quietly put the finishing touches to a brand new body of work that has been a year in the making. WONDERFUL WORLD is the first single from the new album EVERYTHING SINCE THEN, set for release November 2015.

“Live your life while you’re waiting, pack up and go. You know it’s a wonderful world.”

Parts of the new song have been around for quite a few years and it was officially recorded in July this year. The ‘wonderful world’ line was one of the first lyrics combined with the original demo and seeing as the band have always been about upliftment and positivity, they decided to expound the idea from there. The band introduced ‘gang vocals’ for the first time, whilst the song still features a big and uplifting chorus, signature to the their previous work.

“With WONDERFUL WORLD’s universal appeal, young and old will be able to identity with the song. Although the world is constantly in turmoil and quite sad at times, beyond that, this truly is a wonderful world. Fans will be taken on a 3 minute journey of dreamy happiness and hopefully a sense of well-being and calm will follow.

“We think this is a strong opener from the new album seeing as it’s just the right amount of everything (old vs new sounds). It’s different enough, but it is also definitely still us.” - Ard Matthews.

JUST JINJER are also thrilled to announce their first show in London since 2010, taking place at the Clapham Grand Theatre on the 24th of November 2015.  Fans can expect a fiery new live show including all the hits of years gone by, plus brand new songs from their upcoming album which is still to be revealed, and which will be on sale at the show.

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EVERYTHING SINCE THEN, the band’s first full album release since their 2006 self-titled international album, is set for release in November 2015.

Pre-order the album on iTunes here, and receive WONDERFUL WORLD instantly!

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