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Leave your heart in MOZAMBIQUE with Laurie Levine

 Laurie Levine MOZAMBIQUE Single PreRelease 18 Feb 2018

Laurie Levine to release her new single and music video ‘Mozambique’ on Thursday!

Listen to ‘Mozambique’ below!

“Songs take their time. Sometimes it’s only years after something happens that you can finally process it and give it a voice. The setting for this song is Mozambique, circa 2011.”

The story of ‘Mozambique’ is one that is familiar to almost everyone… It is a narrative of love found and love lost, and the feelings that linger in its aftermath.

“But time had her way/broken words washed up/by the light of day/and in that rugged bay/in Mozambique my heart remains”

Mozambique is the first single and video release off the album, ‘Canyons’, Laurie’s 7th album. A singer-songwriter is best known for her fresh blend of Americana and folk music, ‘Canyons’ brings with it a whole new sound and outlook. Moving away from the acoustic terrain of country and folk, ‘Canyons’ delves deep into the recesses of longing and nostalgia, through a lush world of electric guitars, beats, synths and spacious reverbs.
Speaking about the title song and about the album as a whole, Levine says:

“It came from a place of yearning for the simpler, majestic and timeless world of the great outdoors where one can ‘breathe free’ and find ‘a piece of hope in the change of the tides/a piece of grace in the moon that will rise’.”

Despite the departure from her previous style, Levine’s emotional, evocative and poetic lyrics remain, as do her poignant melodies. ‘Canyons’ marks an exciting, bold and brave step into a new world.

The music video for ‘Mozambique’ was directed by Cape Town, based filmmaker Barry De Villiers.

“We approached Barry because we love his aesthetic, the beauty of his work and his ability to feel artists’ music through visuals. Our vision was to create something dreamy, fluid and emotionally honest.”

The video will be available on YouTube on Thursday the 22nd of February.

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