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More Music! More Fire! MTN Bushfire Announces More Artists

mtn bushfire banner

Recently Africa’s Best Responsible Event, MTN Bushfire, announced an initial artist line-up that reflects MTN Bushfire’s identity as a uniquely African, and yet globally infused festival experience.

The first artists to be announced for MTN Bushfire 2018, taking place from May 25th – 27th included a diverse array of artists, worthy of a festival named by CNN as one of the “7 African music festivals you really have to see,” and listed by BBC as a “Top African Festival.”

The initial artist line-up included; Dub Inc (France), Alice Phoebe Lou (South Africa), Flavia Coelho (Brazil), Elida Almeida (Cape Verde), Samthing Soweto (South Africa) and Tlale Makhene (Swaziland).

More artists have also been announced, expanding the global repertoire and top quality world music experience second to none.

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Additional artists confirmed for this year’s MTN Bushfire are:

Derek Gripper (South Africa)

Derek Gripper is a unique, South African guitarist who explores many ranges and styles of music. It took Derek Gripper untold hours of painstaking work to transcribe note-for-note the complex compositions of Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté and find a way of playing them on classical six-string guitar.

5k-HD (Austria)

5K HD is an Austrian, improvisational jazz/funk/groove band and one of the most expressive voices in Austria. With partly acoustic, partly electronic sounds, one moves fluently through jazz, dubstep, breakbeat, funk, and even into a prog rock escalation, effortlessly and seamlessly, but without ever losing sight of a pop sensibility.

Georgetown (South Africa)

Georgetown is a multi-instrumental Bluegrass Folk band from Pretoria. They use a variety of musical instruments during their performance including acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, upright bass, mandolin, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, a washboard and a 1935 suitcase, promising a unique and creative sound to contemporary and original folk music.

Kapa Dech (Mozambique)

Formed in Mozambique in 1996, Kapa Dech has performed all over the world, bringing the sounds of Mozambique to festivals across Europe.

DJ Lag (South Africa)

History will remember DJ LAG as a pioneer who propelled the quintessentially Durban Gqom sound beyond the confines of the coastal city, straight into the capitals of the international electronic music industry.

Manu Sija (Argentina)

Manu Sija is a young Argentine multi-instrumentalist who has created a nice based on the improvisation and miscegenation of languages, and Latin American folklore

Mario Batkovic (Switzerland)

Mario Batovic is an accordion player unlike any other. Rolling Stone describes him like this, “He brings the cycling, repetitive pulses of minimalist composers to raw solo performance, creating a sparkling world of hypnotic melodies and resonating sounds. Miked so you can hear the intimate clack of buttons, it’s a stunning marvel of see-sawing melodies and warm wheezes.”

Nakhane Touré  (South Africa)

Nakhane Touré is a South African musician, singer and songwriter whose multiple talents have taken the world by storm. His musical style spans over songs rooted in African indigenous music and indie rock. An actor, songwriter, singer and activist, Nakhane is a major musical force.

Nathalie Natiembé.  (Reunion Island)

Nathalie Natiembé is free. She is a rebel. She has always said that she is doing maloya, even if it is almost absent, rhythmically, from her new album, it still wraps the whole of her state of mind with a marooning ambience. Yes, she is free with an energy that earned her the nickname of “little punk of the maloya.”

Nonku Phiri (South Africa)

Nonku, daughter of SA jazz legend Ray Phiri, has made a name for herself in her own right, most notably for her collaboration with Crazy White Boy on the track Ghetto Tech.  She is expressive and able to jump genres, seamlessly combining electronica, ship-hop/hip hop.

Oki Dub Ainu Band (Japan)

In 1996 he released his first album ‘Kamuy kor nupurpe.’ Chikar studio has presently released a total of 20 albums, including titles by the traditional singer Umeko Ando and the all-female ensemble Marewrew, who sing traditional dance songs called “Upopo” with a modern sensibility.

Rebirth of Cool (South Africa)

Rebirth of Cool is an idea conceived of the desires of two gentlemen of the musical craft, namely DJ Kenzhero and Tha_MuziK, to bring opulence to the public by taking the classics of jazz and fusing them with their descendants.

Sibusile Xaba (South Africa)

Sibusile Xaba carries forth the Maskandi / Mbaqanga tradition of the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, from where he originates. Steeped in the lineage of Zulu guitar giant Madala Kunene (Sibusile’s first mentor) & warrior chants of a vocal master, Shaluza Max, he not only owns these influences but pushes the envelope as only a maestro with a keen ear for the future does.

Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse (South Africa)

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse is one of the country's best-loved and most respected musicians; more than just a musician or an artist, he is a legend. Over the course of his illustrious career Sipho has become an integral part of the entertainment industry and his contributions to the musical landscape of South Africa are appreciated by music lovers the world over.  hotstix.co.za/

The Grammers (Finland)

Formed in 1999, The Grammers, continue their ever-growing journey on classic rock’s dusty highway as they recruit Timo Toikka as their seventh member. Toikka, founder of the bands Achiote and Salatuikkajat, will be playing guitar and percussion to the already tremendous band sound. thegrammers.com/videos

Timbila Muzimba (Mozambique)

Timbila Muzimba was born of a cultural and artistic vision among a group of young Mozambican musicians and dancers in August 1997 in the township of Jardim, Maputo. Inspired by their own native Machope tradition, the group is dedicated to a passionate and ongoing exploration of the diverse traditions of Mozambican music and dance.

Tickets are on sale NOW for MTN Bushfire as well as various travel and accommodation options. Festival guests are strongly encouraged to book early as tickets for the festival sell-out well in advance of the weekend and many accommodation options are also booked well in advance.  

There are a variety of ticket and accommodation (camping and glamping) options, as well as special VIP and family friendly packages.

For more information bush-fire.com  and facebook.com/MTNBUSHFIRE


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