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nic preen stay or leave

Photo by Conor McCarthy

Today sees the release of a brand new single by the indie pop band, NIC PREEN & THE WORLD OF BIRDS, entitled 'STAY OR LEAVE'. Stay or Leave is the third song released by the band, set to release their debut full-length album later in 2018.

NIC PREEN founded the band after spending several years as the lead singer and principal songwriter for the highly successful group, Al Bairre. Born out of a necessity to get back on stage and play music after Al Bairre’s break-up, Preen put together THE WORLD OF BIRDS consisting of Conor McCarthy (Drums), Christa Faure (Lead Guitar & Percussion), Al Clapper (Keys & Vox), Matt Rightford (Saxophone) and Jed Da Silva (Bass) and has immediately returned to the festival circuit playing a mixture of both old Al Bairre favourites and new ‘Nicpreen & The World Of Birds’ material to fans nationwide.

NIC describes 'STAY OR LEAVE' as a musical-diary-entry of emotion to his girlfriend who immigrated to New Zealand in 2017. Although the title sounds like a question, it is more of a statement:

“In a way, as are most of the songs I write, this song was also a message to myself and helped me deal with my girlfriend’s departure. I think it’s in our nature as humans to not stay in one place and rather adventure into the unknown. Often we form relationships with other people in whom we inhibit ourselves from thinking solely for one self’s well-being and forget to live in the moment. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

An upbeat love song with a universal message perfect for someone about to embark on a long sunny road trip, 'STAY OR LEAVE' features the band’s typically sad lyrics over a few happy major chords combined with their indie-pop sound.

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Stay or Leave album cover

Watch 'Stay or Leave' below!

NIC PREEN & THE WORLD OF BIRDS is currently embarking on a tour through South Africa and Mozambique, where for the month of March they will be finishing their debut full-length LP, ‘The Dawn Chorus’.

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