Set and Setting Premier 'Ecdysis'


American instrumental post-rock band SET AND SETTING premier their brand new single, 'Ecdysis', taken from their fourth album 'Tabula Rasa' which will be available for purchase on the 12th October via Pelagic Records.

Watch 'Ecdysis' below!

SET AND SETTING are a young band from St. Petersburg, Florida who merge instrumental rock with a thick metallic edge and elements of drone and ambient music.
"The result is a captivating, wordless, genre amalgam", Decibel raved, and Brookly Vegan defined their sound as "metallic chug to trippy psychedelia to soaring post-rock beauty... like Russian Circles teaming with early Pink Floyd“.

The quartet has been very active, since their debut album, 'Equanimity' in 2013, throughout the underground and extreme music scenes in the U.S. and Canada. In 2014, SET AND SETTING then released their second album, 'A Vivid Memory' via Prosthetic Records and continued to tour internationally and locally with bands such as Mouth of the Architect, EyeHateGod, Inter Arma, and Kayo Dot throughout 2015.

Live performances, writing and recording were limited during 2016 while battling injuries within the band.

SET AND SETTING released their third full-length album in 2017, 'Reflectionless', and toured Europe for the first time, including an appearance at Dunk! Festival

SET AND SETTING are now returning with their 4th album, 'Tabula Rasa', the band's heaviest album to date and their debut on Pelagic Records. "We purposely tried to extend the boundaries of our sound by adding more extreme metal and punk influences all while still sounding like ourselves“, guitarist Shane Handall comments.

“When we were writing this album, we had a new lineup and felt a new energy. We named this song Ecdysis because it felt like we were shedding old skin and pushing new boundaries we haven't reached yet.”

The album was recorded and mixed during 10 straight days in Miami, FL by Ryan Haft (Torche, Wrong). 

SET AND SETTING are returning to Europe this October 2018 as part of the PELAGIC ROADFEST, with label mates, ABRAHAM and FUTURE USSES.

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Photographer: Matt Valler


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