Silent Disco is all Fun and Games

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This City Soirée SILENT DISCO is all fun and games.

Creative event crowdfunding platform City Soirée and Silent Disco pioneers White Noise SA have teamed up to bring Cape Town a Spring jol not to be missed.

Each person will get a set of wireless headphones to keep the street noise out and the great music in so you can decide what to listen to and how loud you’d like to do it. Kimon, who is well known for his popular Natural Selection parties, and Mix n Blend who has been a fixture on the local dance scene for many years now will be on the decks to ensure that the tunes are top notch.

Guests will be able to change channels on their headphones and choose between the toe tapping dance tunes or a special playlist curated by the City Soirée team that will include some of their personal favourite relaxing tunes for when you want to take a breather and maybe join the board games area or create a masterpiece on the doodle wall. Oh, did we forget to mention that? And the chill room on the top floor…?

The gorgeous Youngblood-Africa will play host to this unique and exclusive event because who wouldn’t want to dance to great music in one of the city’s most beautiful art galleries?

So put on those dancing shoes and come shake winter out of your bones!

As with all of City Soirée’s unique events, this will be crowdfunded and completely made possible by the fans. The event needs 150 people to pledge otherwise the night is a no-go. A pledge is like buying a pre-sale ticket but with the power to make great events possible and with the difference that you get your money back if it so happens that not enough fans pledge (click here to pledge). But for this campaign they are upping the ante a bit with 3 phases that include an extra dance floor, a chill room, board games area and a doodle wall where you can express your inner child and go artistically bos!


PHASE 1 – R135 Per Pledge

150 pledges to make the event possible. If the target is reached then the dancing can happen but only on the ground floor. There will be 2 channels of great music: one for dancing and one for chilling.
Make sure to PLEDGE NOW!

PHASE 2 – R155 Per Ticket

If a further 50 tickets are sold the 1st floor of the venue will be opened. This will include a 2nd dance floor that looks down on the DJ booth along with a double-sided doodle wall. To add to the fun there will be a board games area! Bring your favourite games along and make some new friends while you’re at it. Ever wanted to play Exploding Kittens with a glass of wine in hand and a dance floor to settle any scores? Now is your chance!

PLEASE NOTE: No games will be provided so kindly bring your own Settlers Of Catan. Also, Monopoly money won’t be accepted as payment at the bar.

PHASE 3 – R175 Per Ticket

If another 50 tickets are sold a chill room with some couches will be added to the top floor. Now there is a good crowd in and you surely need a place to just relax and nurse your ice cold something-something. Three floors, great music, great art, a doodle wall and Pictionary! Let the games begin!!!

Remaining tickets will be R195. As you can see it’s better to jump on board early and get the cheapest price!


8pm – Doors Open (Bar Available)
9pm – Kimon
11pm – Mix n Blend
Late – You go home now