Spook The Horses Premiers New Video ‘Crude Shrines’

SpooktheHorses PressShot kl16 9

Today sees the release of a brand new video by Spook The Horses, titled, ‘Crude Shrines’.

Spook the Horses People Used to Live HereSPOOK THE HORSES, are an atmospheric post-metal band, hailing from. Wellington, New Zealand.

‘PEOPLE USED TO LIVE HERE’ takes on a whole new approach, as the members began to experiment with their sound by turning down the distortion knobs while they explore the natural and the immediate.

“Writing this album gave us the ability to experiment with song ideas we felt weren’t appropriate on our previous albums”, Zach Meech comments.

With this in mind, SPOOK THE HORSES are multi-talented musicians with a flair for rotating their instruments from within the band. Most certainly a dream for most bands.

“We deliberately isolated ourselves when writing this album to force us out of our comfort zones“, comments Callum Gay. „Most of the songs began as completely improvised pieces that we slowly fleshed and developed over time. We wanted to make sure that immediacy was captured and conveyed in a way we’d never done before. There’s much less between us and the listener this time around”.

Watch ‘Crude Shrines’ below!

‘PEOPLE USED TO LIVE HERE’ is due for launch in November this year.
You Can pre-order the album at Pelagic Records!