Watch: LOST&FOUND Release New Single & Video 'BEST SMILE'

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Today sees the official release of a brand new single and video from LOST&FOUND, entitled 'BEST SMILE'. 'BEST SMILE' is the fourth single from their latest album, 'SNAKES & LADDERS', which was released in January 2018.

'BEST SMILE' was written by Glen Hodgson one day while recording the album. He stepped outside and started playing the little riff heard at the beginning of the song, soon had the basics down and the duo recorded it right then and there.


“BEST SMILE is an easy-listening, catchy and heartfelt song, with rock element throughout. It focuses on people who are in the limelight, or simply people who feel that they are living a lie and faking a smile to just get through the day,” says Glen. 

Watch the video for 'BEST SMILE' below!

The video is a photo montage of black and white photos taken by a friend of the duo, Fourie Smit on their recent tour to Taiwan during March 2018. Seeing as it was LOST&FOUND’s first international trip, they thought it would be cool to document the trip via photos for fans to see.

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“Fans can live vicariously through the footage and feel what the tour was like for us. They can now join in on our experience.”

SNAKES & LADDERS, the duo’s sophomore album, was written over the course of 11 months in between relentlessly touring the country. Production on a number of songs on the album was done by Theo Crous at his studio in Bellville, whilst others were recorded at Jason’s house with Dane Taylor.

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