Underground Press Launches Indiegogo Campaign

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We have launched our first Indiegogo Campaign. Our Campaign asks you to assist us in raising funds and awareness in support of growing into a larger more professional independent media hub, where we can support local artists in South Africa who are serious about their music and where we can expose them to international shores.

We want to bring more services to our company in the future as we grow, and have set the goal to $10 000.

The money raised will go towards new equipment, expanding our web presence, larger server space, employing new staff that will provide jobs in our economy, organizing events under our own brand, buying equipment that will assist us in doing so. Making new partnerships as we expand. Traveling to and from events can be costly and this will also help us achieve our goals.


To get involved all you have to do is share, the campaign as far and wide as you can

If everyone gave as little as $5 this will help us out a lot. 
Come along to the Campaign here: goo.gl/CMw5Of


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