Watch: Ibanez TS808DX Overdrive Pro

What is it: This is a fantastic overdrive for blues and metal players alike. This features the smooth and warm overdrive tones made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughn, and at the same time this can be the perfect tight boost that metal players look for to tighten up their Lead Channel. This pedal also features a boost function that gives you up to 20DB of extra volume which switchable to be before or after the Overdrive circuit.

Who is this for: This overdrive is not for you If you are looking for one pedal that can give nail biting distortion by itself. This is for you blues and rock guys looking for a warm and smooth overdrive for your clean amps. Metal guys this is for you if you are looking for a pedal that will kick a dirty amp in its teeth and give you a tighter and smoother distortion tone.

Pros: Overdrive and switchable boost circuit in one pedal. Switchable between 9 volt and 18 volt operation.          

Cons: Quite a big pedal and takes up quite a lot of pedal board real estate.

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