Rockin’ Engine Incites Fury With New Single, ‘Let It Burn’

L-R - Joel Bilodeau (Drums), Steve O Leff (Vocals, Guitar), Ste Vy Leff (Guitar), JP Buzzard (Bass) L-R - Joel Bilodeau (Drums), Steve O Leff (Vocals, Guitar), Ste Vy Leff (Guitar), JP Buzzard (Bass) Photo Credit – Dark Moon Productions

Rockin’ Engine Incites Fury With New Single, ‘Let It Burn’

By / News / Saturday, 24 October 2020 05:55

A punch in the face is coming right at ya’ in the form of Rockin' Engine’s new album The Wretched And The Damned. This is a follow up to their 2019 album Midnight Road Rage.

The lyrics and music of this new full length were inspired by the physical and social destruction evolving in this world in the past few years. The listeners will be able to relate these stories with personal experiences, creating a deeper emotional connection with the songs. The tracks all have a different story but they all revolve around the same concept. The band explains the album in their own words:

“This album truly reflects the evolution in our musical genre and the hard work we all put into this. We decided to follow our roots and do what we love most, pure metal! The concept of this record is to bring the listeners into an emotional roller coaster and connect with our music. The lyrics were written in a storytelling fashion, in a post-apocalyptic metaphor, which places everyone in a chaotic world of injustice and control. The message is for people to unite as one and fight oppression, put aside our differences, and strive for a better life."

The video for the single 'Let It Burn' is literally a verbal attack on everyone responsible for the problems in the world we live in. They are basically saying, with the devil’s perspective, to just let everything burn because at this point, there’s just no coming back to a peaceful world. It is the band’s opening song and the infectious heavy rock will satisfy even the most particular of headbangers.

The video for 'Let It Burn' first premiered on Bravewords and can be viewed below!

Great chemistry and contagious energy can be found in Rockin’ Engine, they are explosive in their playing and always go full throttle. They are recommended for fans of Pantera, Megadeth, and Slayer.

The single is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

The full album will be available on Halloween, October 31st, 2020. Pre-order on Bandcamp.

the wretched and the damned

Track Listing:
1. Let It Burn (4:27)
2. Mass Hysteria (3:41)
3. Broken Angel (6:44)
4. I Sold My Soul To The Devil (3:53)
5. The Wretched And The Damned (5:25)
Album Length: 24:12

About Rockin' Engine:

Based in the Ottawa region, Rockin’ Engine was founded in 2015 by two of their frontmen and lifetime friends, Steve O Leff on vocals and guitars, and Ste Vy Leff on lead guitars. The duo started out as your typical basement players but soon developed to be something way bigger than they anticipated. Later on, the talented Joel Bilodeau was added to the team on drums, showing some amazing skills and imagination with his wicked hard rock background. In 2016, an amazing bassist by the name of Fred Beaulieu joined the group and helped shape the hard hitting sound Rockin’ Engine is known for today. 

Playing a wide variety of covers from Motley Crüe to Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Iron Maiden and so many more, the band wanted their first show together to be something big. Greatly involved in their community, they then decided to organize a fundraising show to support breast cancer research, and that’s when everything started to expand. Sponsors and several locals decided to join forces with the band to later become great allies for future fundraising activities and several events. 

In 2017, Fred Beaulieu parted with the band for family reasons, leaving the other members to wonder what's next for them. That’s when Nico Rioux came along. This young Ottawa University Law student decided to fill the missing bassist spot for Rockin’ Engine and later became a great asset to the band with his amazing progressive rock vocabulary and creativity like no other. At that moment, the four members commonly decided to create their own music with the sound of so many influences in the metal, hard rock and progressive genres. 

After presenting a few of their unreleased compositions in several big events including The Canadian Army Run’s main stage two years in a row, the public’s reaction was so overwhelming that the band decided to release some material on social media to expand their horizons while recording their first full album to be released later this year, Midnight Road Rage. Nico later had to leave the band for professional reasons and was replaced by none other than the beast, JP Buzzard! 

To this day, Rockin’ Engine states that the true inspiration for their music remains the love, support and authenticity of their fans, friends and families. The four members take pride in firing up the audience with their charismatic energy and entertaining scenes, convincing everyone that hard rock and heavy metal will never die!

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