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“Alberts beautifully explores the complexities of relationships with his captivating storytelling… warm vocals [and] earnest lyrics.” - Spindle

“Giving us a glimpse into his progressive and exhilarating journey is soul powerhouse Ziggy Alberts … Alberts hones in on his songwriting ability as he navigates the hardship of long-term relationships and long-lost summer adventures.” - Wonderland Magazine

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter whose name is on everyone’s lips. After releasing seven records, establishing his own independent label and having played sold-out tours across the globe, there is no denying Alberts has a genuine grassroots story that has lifted his artistry into universal acclaim.

Recent single releases, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Together’ and ‘Don’t Get Caught Up’ are all tracks sitting on his much anticipated fifth studio album, searching for freedom. The full-length record promises to be an exploration into some of humanity’s most heartfelt and complex emotions, translated into beautiful simplicity in Alberts’ capable hands. In his own words, this forthcoming album is “an expression of an adventure that I’ve realised will last a lifetime”.

Searching For Freedom is out today, the 19th March 2021, across all digital platforms.

The twelve-track collection of songs explores the topics of purpose, connection to nature, overcoming the many odds we face as humankind, and embodying love and hope in our day-to-day lives. Searching For Freedom is the kind of album that doesn’t come along every day. To describe it frankly, the sound throughout is intimate, as if Ziggy is in the corner of your favourite record store, playing just for you and a select few others.

As Alberts shares “I chose this album title because I think it is the overarching theme of both the record and human existence. I believe the pursuit of love and freedom connects everyone on the planet. This record certainly marks a new chapter in my life, and perhaps a new one in yours. Searching For Freedom is a journey, both literally and spiritually. This album is just a part of the greater exploration I am personally on. Thank you for joining me, and I hope you enjoy it.”

Founder of his own independent label, Commonfolk Records, Ziggy Alberts has managed to craft what many musicians dream of - the ability to tell a story on their own terms. It is exactly that which we get with searching for freedom: a world in which Alberts points out the beauty in the everyday and reminds us that working together and loving each other really can help us get through anything.

Lead single, ‘heartbeat’, started off “as a breakup song - hence the chorus - but turned into a story of hope and trust on a summer adventure, discovering new parts of who I was along the way.” It is here, for example, that Alberts’ skill as a storyteller is clearly revealed, with past present and future melding together as one, “finding resolution in the common thread of all good things - love.”

‘Letting Go’ offered an insight into some of Alberts’ philosophies as an artist and a public figure, encouraging us as he does to let go “of fear and the notion of having to heal everything alone. We find strength and joy in companionship on adventures, lifting each other up along the way.” This song illustrates his maturation as an artist, being one of the few tracks that he’s worked on for many years. It lends an ‘old Ziggy’ vibe mixed with progressive elements from his musical journey thus far.

The focus track from the album, ‘chocolate’, is drenched in warm production tones. A waltz melody paired with Alberts swooning lyrics, the track depicts how fame and fortune - which is often desired for a sense of happiness - can actually lead to us feel lonelier than ever. Yet again, Alberts is sincere in his songwriting, making ‘chocolate’ the perfect blend of heartache and romance.

In his most candid self, Alberts pours his heart into the lyrics of ‘circus’, making it one of his most personal yet universally relatable tracks appearing on searching for freedom. In this piano and guitar lead track, ‘circus’ does exactly what Alberts intended for the listener, to be taken on a lyrical journey “to look up four minutes later and wonder where you went.”

Title track ‘searching for freedom’ is a heart wrenching detailing of Alberts’ quest to find his own identity. Fittingly, it was the final song to be recorded after months spent in the quaint studio. The fact that it has ended up being one of the most poignant tracks on the album is a testament to Ziggy’s intuition as a songwriter. “This song talks about growth, self-love, trade-offs, nurturing environments, expectations of others, slowing downtime, the inner spiritual journey, searching for identity, uncovering the layers of our true nature, breaking out of conditioning, perspective shifts, being present, freeing ourselves from ourselves, healing, realigning self-expectations when they aren't healthy, seeing yourself for who you truly are, finding peace day-to-day, finding peace on the journey, looking into the unknown with hope, reconnecting with nature, the pursuit of truth.”

With over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, show sizes on the continuous rise and praise from the likes of Billboard Magazine, American Songwriter, EarMilk and Clash UK, there is no doubt 2021 will be Ziggy Alberts’ year. Ziggy has been awarded ARIA Platinum certification for his tracks 'Gone', 'Runaway', 'Heaven', 'Love Me Now', 'Laps Around The Sun', 'Stronger' and Four Feet in the Forest (EP) plus, Gold certifications for three tracks in his catalogue.

searching for freedom is an album that has depth, in both songwriting and production. It’s a collection of warm tones which float over a minimalist and refined accompaniment – smooth melodies, intricately plucked acoustic guitar, moving string and piano moments and a quiet trumpet. It is meditation in its purest form. This album might just be the antidote to what a crazy ride the past year has been.

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Searching For Freedom is out today, 19 March 2021.

Searching For Freedom’ album track listing:

1. keeper
2. together
3. don’t get caught up
4. letting go
5. heartbeat
6. chocolate
7. holding you
8. chemistry
9. getting low
10. circus
11. feeling you
12. searching for freedom

Ziggy Alberts last month announced details for his global Livestream concert, ‘searching for freedom, the live stream. A full-scale production with an intentionally intimate ambience, the Livestream will celebrate and debut the fifth full-length record searching for freedom.

‘searching for freedom, the Livestream will be broadcasted live to fans worldwide from the Tivoli, Brisbane on Friday 26 March 2021 at 12 PM CAT. Following the concert, all ticket holders will have access to play and replay the show on-demand for 48 hours.


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