DECEMBER STREETS Perform 'I'll Try' on 947

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DECEMBER STREETS recently performed a special rendition of their latest radio hit, 'I’LL TRY' on 947.

“For our live performance on 947 we decided to reshape and step things up slightly by adding a certain electronic element to the typically live December Streets sound. Working on the new material and December Streets sound, we have been exploring a wide variety of sounds, digging deep into vocal triggering and manipulating the standard live sound to create something fresh and exciting.

The trick was to find the perfect a balance between the electronic vocal triggering/drum pad and the live guitar/vocals in a live performance, and it felt like we struck the nail on the head. Let’s hope our fans enjoyed it as much as we did. You can expect a lot more of this type of exciting sound going forward.”

Watch the video of I’LL TRY live on 947 below!