Review: Cyclops Cataract – THE BEASTIARY

Review: Cyclops Cataract – THE BEASTIARY

By / Album / Friday, 23 July 2021 13:24

Cyclops Cataract’s debut album The Beastiary trips itself up with its obsessive need for chaos.

Cyclops Cataract fall prey to their own platitudinal expression of almost unadulterated fury in their debut album The Beastiary.

Listen to 'The Unforgiven Dead' (visualizer video)

Not much is known about the band other than that they’re based in Aberdeen, Scotland – 'Beginnings' setting the scene with a distorted rendition of the 1789 poem and song “My Heart’s in the Highlands – and that they like fast heavy music.

Barre a few moments of relative calm – the meandering instrumentals during the first half of 'Second Skin'” being most notable – the record is defined by a just-about bridled chaos that does little more than chewing itself up.

Driven by a seemingly endless barrage of blast-beats Cyclops Cataract tear through the album with undeniable ferocity, Craig Sinkins’ consistently unearthly growls bringing a healthy dose of demonic rage to proceedings.

However, even taking the aforementioned moments of calm into account, there isn’t enough variety to keep The Beastiary from falling into the ever-greedy palms of monotony – unless you’re of an as-chaotic-as-possible leaning, of course.

The overall feeling one gets as the songs pile up is that there’s a competition between instruments to see who can play the fastest and loudest which ultimately detracts from any kind of musical enjoyment and paints the album with the brush of derivation. 

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Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

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