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Challenging angles and boundaries of the norm, Fred Nagel returns with his second album ‘Normative’ – a thought-provoking mixture of styles that inspires thought and surprises the senses in the best way possible.

Encompassing a variety of sounds and genres ranging from classical to death metal Fred Nagel has surpassed all expectations with his latest release of ‘Normative’ – an album exploring architectural theory in a musical format. Nagel is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who makes music purely because he enjoys it – an attribute that is clearly portrayed in his music and allows listeners to acquire a real sense of his personality. He released his first album called ‘The Third World Circus’ in 2014 which traverses through controversial issues of modern-day South Africa.

The first track of Nagel’s latest album ‘Normative’ provides the listener with a scope of what is to come, gradually introducing differences as needed. Choral brilliance and hardened rock elements are introduced in ‘Dichotomy’ with a sound that could be enjoyed by fans of Queen. ‘Structure’ establishes a slower foundation at first, allowing listeners to recuperate from the built-up energy, however; the electronic metal feel returns almost four minutes in and continues solidly throughout the rest of the track. A similar musical pattern is followed in ‘Legibility’ which makes use of all of the song titles found in the album; resulting in an intelligent and pleasing lyrical composition. ‘Seriously’ is arguably one of the best songs in the album as it is conducted in a meme-like tone with its’ hilarious rap, catchy chorus and overall playful sound – not to mention the wonderfully captured music video.

Watch the 'Seriously' Interesting Music Video Here

The final tracks of ‘Normative’ follow in a similar design to those that came before while introducing solo musical elements which distinguish them from their fellows; all the while maintaining the energy of the album as a whole. ‘Normative’ ends with a magnificent twenty-minute track full of ‘Substance’ just as its’ title suggests and speaks of the devoid of substance in the music industry with artists writing for the solitary purpose of acquiring fame. Although the length of the track may be daunting – there are some surprises towards the end that are certainly worth every minute.

Those willing to venture into the gloriously erratic compositions of Fred Nagel may discover electrifying guitar, soothing piano melodies, death metal screaming, rap, angelic choral passages and other elements that ease in and out in an effortless wave that demands attention and calms the soul in equal measure.

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

Singer/Songwriter and Noise Enthusiast


Jodie Reid is all about respecting the organic nature of songwriting in all forms of music. She completed a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) in 2018, has released two albums and several international collaborations to date. Jodie is currently working on her third album, assisting aspiring musicians with their craft, hiking, screaming (the fun kind) and plucking strings at every opportunity.

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