Review: Impavid Colossus – Prologue

Review: Impavid Colossus – Prologue

By / Album / Sunday, 18 July 2021 10:16

Impavid Colossus try to marry hard-rock streams in their debut album Prologue.

For all its potential Impavid Colossus’ debut, full-length album Prologue offers little in the way of variety.

Hailing from Sao Paulo and with a wealth of experience behind this fairly new project, having hit the airwaves in the middle of last year, Impavid Colossus define themselves as a mixture of punk, grunge, hard-rock, and metal which, judging by Prologue, is a pretty accurate description.

There’s a freneticism that’s driven by crunching riffs and a barrage of blast beats – seriously, they’re everywhere – which is topped off with an approach to harmony that borders on cheesy. Enrico Minelli’s vocals wrap this hard-rock concoction up in an Eddie Vedder-tinged performance filled with power and passion.

However, it has to be said that Impavid Colossus match their own description a bit too well. But for “I,” which gets things going, and “II,” which goes down a path I desperately hoped would be explored more, Prologue suffers from a lack of exploration and an insistence on going balls-to-the-walls. Sure, the latter of the aforementioned instrumentals brings brief respite but on either side of it lie oceans of neck-breaking sensory overload that, at times, verges on monotony.

There’s no denying that the members of Impavid Colossus have enough talent and ability to go places but, unfortunately, Prologue’s stubbornness in the face of dynamism holds it back.

Watch the videos for the singles Home Of The BraveHope and Stronger




Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

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