Review: Fay Lamour – Let’s Get Lost

Review: Fay Lamour – Let’s Get Lost

By / EP / Thursday, 16 December 2021 07:43

Fay Lamour and Mick Hudson philosophise about love with refreshing maturity in their EP Let’s Get Lost.

With so much music out there dedicated to figuring out the mysteries of that most universal feeling, it’s rare that something truly poignant and stirring comes along, but Let’s Get Lost is just that.

An overall Lo-Fi sonic aesthetic sets the mood as mellow hip-hop beats and sophisticated jazz melodies create a feeling of introspection for lyrics and old-school sound-bites to ponder the difficulties of our basic need for love.

Subverting the norm somewhat, the sound-bites–sourced from movies like 1934’s It Happened one Night and 1939’s Love Affair - hold the spotlight more than the lyrics, a risky but successful decision.

There are some bits that are so charmingly and classically cheesy that the heart can’t help but stir a little at the simple romance of it all and others that take a sober look at the risks and rewards that come with diving in the deep end.

Lamour’s vocals bridge the gap between naivety and caution with a world-weary heaviness that puts warning lights around her feelings. In 'FEELINGSSUCKXx,' for example, we see the two sides of love, the breakup and the desire, both delivered with jaded maturity; a battle-scarred whatever to whatever the outcome.

Let’s Get Lost is about as short as an EP gets but within its ten-and-a-half minute run-time, Fay Lamour and Mick Hudson explore a world of gooey and chaotic feelings that, I’m sure, will tug at even the most cynical of heart-strings.

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Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

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