Review: CeCe Vee – ‘Dysfunctional’

Review: CeCe Vee – ‘Dysfunctional’

By / Single / Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:54

Heartbreak and hope in newest single ‘Dysfunctional’.

A breakup in the modern world seems to get harder and harder every time. It's painful, as you have to unravel the very fabric of your life and un-stitch every part that has been touched by the person you used to be with. That's what CeCe Vee's newest single 'Dysfunctional' delves into.

Watch ‘Dysfunctional’ below!

CeCe Vee, a South African singer, reveals her powerful and harmonious vocal talent to us in this song about pain and life beyond a breakup, but even though the song is intense and even melancholic, it is empowering and hopeful at the same time. 

"I wish we could go back to when things were simple, now it's just dysfunctional." The lyrics are not only skillfully relatable and unique, but also so thought-provoking that you seem to lose yourself every time you hear them.

When asked about the song CeCe said, "The song deals with how we can lose ourselves in the highs of a relationship, which often blinds us to the faults and red flags." She also explained, "It reaches a point where the relationship is too far gone to be fixed or ever feel the same again. It's then that exes become like ghosts to one another."

So if your heart has just been hurt and you need some light and hope or even if you just want an emotional song to get your tear ducts working and your heart humming, then this song is definitely one to listen to.

CeCe Vee is a very bright rising star that is lighting up the charts and is definitely someone to look out for.



Tristan Riddin

Tristan Riddin
Tristan is a small-town scholar, currently in her matric year. She is an aspiring writer who loves all sorts of different music and book genres.  You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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