Danielle Zinn Releases Debut EP 'Gravity'

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Last week saw the official release of Danielle Zinn's début EP, Gravity, on iTunes.

danielle zinn debut ep gravity

Gravity has been many months in the making and presented an opportunity for Danielle to find her sound. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter started the difficult journey of a solo career in July 2013. As a prolific writer who is a trained musical composer, she has written quite a few songs in her time, but hand-picked five for Gravity; songs that she believes will show the world not only her diversity of sound, but the experiences that have made up her life.

Gravity was recorded by Howie Combrink and Dale Schnettler at their studio, The Hit Lab. It was mixed and mastered by Robin Kohl at Jazzworx Studios. Danielle had to work on weekends and after hours to complete the songs, but the experience acted as an instigator to propel her towards a full-time music career.

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Gravity captures the alternative folk sounds of the bands that have influenced her, from the contemporary guitar-driven experimentation of Ben Howard to the classic sounds of The Cranberries. Most importantly to Danielle, Gravity provides a platform for the human experience, given the emotive undertone in the composition and her dream of telling simple stories in soulful ways.

The first single from the EP, “Faith”, is about the idea of God and how human beings search their whole lives to find meaning in their existence but ultimately rely on Faith, whether it be faith in God, in the universe or themselves. 

“Mostly my lyrics are about finding a place for yourself in the world and trying to maintain that place as an individual, as well as within a group, so that you feel you are part of something.”

In Gravity, Danielle shows us who she is. Being influenced by her day-job of writing music for film and television, a full, cinematic sound has leaked into the production of the album. Her charming vocals and understated melodies are used as a strong base from which to produce a captivating alternative sound. Gravity is ripe for a cult following.

"A polished, well produced project...Zinn’s sound is cinematic and expertly orchestrated. There is an unusual darkness to her sound which carries through most of her songs: a deep, melancholia-steeped gravitas which lends itself to the power that the tracks carry."  Texx and the City 

Gravity has been released simultaneously with Danielle's “At Home Series”, a Youtube series of live performances in which she hopes to demonstrate the intimacy and authenticity of her music. 

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Gravity will be followed in 2016 by Danielle's full-length album.
Gravity's official launch party will be happening on December 5th 2015.

Listen to Gravity on iTunes

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