THE BAKER Remixes THE TAZERS - 'Disease'

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Meet THE BAKER. A producer with roots in psychedelic rock n roll, drum & bass, and hip hop.

Versatility is the name of the game in the modern scene. Musicians are no longer limited to genres that typically cost a lot to create. Through production advancements, the next game changing single can be produced from the comfort of your lounge. So, why box yourself in? The Baker epitomises that. As the frontman of psych-destroyers, THE TAZERS, Jethro, AKA "The Baker" embodies that ideal.

Listen to ‘Disease’ here: 

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"The Baker has come alive through the love of experimenting with modern production techniques. I’ve been playing around with Reason for quite some time and love the old school analogue feel, but have recently been more inclined to hone my skills down on a more versatile DAW such as Cubase.”

"I’ve been inspired by a number of different genres. My inclination towards hip hop, grew from artists such as Moods & Flako and I’ve always been a liquid drum & bass head too. Playing in a psychedelic rock & roll band secures my love for that genre too, and I can always go back to music from the 60’s & 70’s to find inspiration for anything."

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The first single, 'Disease', comes from Jethro’s other project, THE TAZERS, who are releasing their second EP early 2016. The single serves as a preview of their sophomore project, and offers a sneak peak of what the guys have been up to. From the sounds of it, something special is cooking.

As far as THE BAKER goes, 2016 should also see some more work coming from the basement.

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