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YUM YUCK Releases Debut EP 'Make Yourself at Home'

yum yuck‘Make Yourself at Home’ is an invitation and an introduction that comes from a place of both comfort and newness.

The EP was recorded in Cape Town by Pascal Righini and Thor Rixon. The drums were tracked at Popsicle Studios in Woodstock, and all vocals were recorded at Pascal’s home studio.

The EP is inspired by the exploration of new sounds. Pascal's usual song writing approach almost always begins with guitar and vocals and builds from there, but by using drum beats, synthesizers and bass figures as the backbone instead, the songwriting process for Yum Yuck is a new and exciting approach. The EP as a whole is meant to feel really spacious whilst still remaining melodic and groovy.

The idea for the EP began with Pascal deciding that the genre of one of the songs (All Night) should be called Space Reggae. Building on his idea of Space Reggae and Ghost Pop as genres, Pascal experimented with the aim of creating sounds and arrangements that fit these new made up ideas of genres. It was a bit of a chicken and egg scenario as to what really inspired what, but it resulted in something interesting and new.

The sound of the EP could be described as spacious, silky and seductive; listening music meant to be played while walking the misty streets at dawn or watching the clouds roll by in summer.

Make Yourself at Home Track Listing:

  1. All Night
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. Icicles
  4. Fields
  5. Lioness

Pascal is excited about this first Yum Yuck release and already has a full second EP written which he hopes to record and release during the first half of 2016.

Stream 'Make Yourself at Home' on Soundcloud here!

'Make Yourself at Home' is available for purchase on iTunes.

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