Academie Release New Video 'Suburban Dreams' in Association with Cool Your Jets

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academie music 12 2 2017

Building on the success of their single, 'Volumes', Jean-Louise and Alex Parker of ACADEMIE, in association with Cool Your Jets present this quirky pixel-art animation offering for 'Suburban Dreams'. The single is from their 2016 EP release, 'Volumes'.

'Suburban Dreams' explores themes of suburban life in modern-day Johannesburg as well as the interactions between and within different classes in this suburbia. Presented with odd time signatures, kooky fleeting sax lines, and dreamy soundscapes, all the elements combine beautifully to create an outlandish science fiction rooted in truth. 

The concept for the music video elaborates on this science fiction element of the song:

"The concept behind the Suburban Dreams video was imagined as the final chapter, of an untold science fiction epic. Centred around a space-faring duo (inspired by Academie's Jean-Louise and Alex Parker), we join our protagonists at the end of a great journey through space. From there, we see them carry out the final steps of their mission; a quest to return the life-force to a barren, desolate planet. Cool your Jets set out to create a somewhat surreal, mysterious narrative, hinting at a bleak, dark backstory, but ultimately revealing itself to be a triumphant, optimistic tale. Centred around themes of rebirth and reconciliation, we hope viewers will find the story to be intriguing, emotive and a unique companion piece to this beautiful song." - Ben Rausch of Cool Your Jets

Wife and husband duo Academie (pronounced 'Academy') work from their home in Johannesburg, which doubles as a creative atelier for the writing, recording, and production of their music.

Watch the music video for 'Suburban Dreams' below!

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