Duncan Park: New EP - 'Friday's Tongue' - Free Download and Streaming

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fridays tongue epFirmly rooted in contemporary sounds, styles and themes. Duncan Park released his 4 track EP ‘Friday’s Tongue.’ 

Fingered picked, acoustic guitar-wielding blues-folk, singer, Duncan Park has managed to separate himself from the traditional blues-folk sound making his music his own. The brand new EP 'Friday's Tongue' truly conveys his unique story telling abilities.

Lyrically, the EP is based on JM Coetzee's retelling of the Robinson Crusoe story in his book "Foe". In this version of the story, Crusoe's black companion, Friday, has his tongue cut out and as such cannot speak for himself and is rendered voiceless.

‘Friday’s Tongue’ is available on Bandcamp for free download and streaming. Listen below!

“There's a lot of unsubtle metaphor right there to be read into.” - Duncan Park

“I just felt like the story resonated with everything that's been going on within South Africa and globally with #feesmustfall, #blacklivesmatter, and all the other expressions of frustration that we are slowly being forced to acknowledge and perhaps, someday, address. I think that voicelessness has plagued too many people for too long, and just like with Friday in Coetzee's story, these people continue to have their story written and forced onto them by those who exert power over them.”Duncan Park 

Friday's Tongue on Bandcamp

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