Disco Izrael post-PHFAT and Back From The Dead With A Debut Release

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disco izrael 23 06 2017

"Humanity is not ready for Spellz." - Disco Izrael

Introducing 'Kill Disco', the first single off Disco Izrael’s new album, 'Spellz'.

Disco quit his job in advertising to become a full-time rapper. He started a record company called Megacorp and has been recording his debut rap album 'Spellz'.

How did the track Kill Disco come about?

"Narch sent me the beat and I said, fuck yeah, let's make a song. We called it 'Kill Disco' because it was meant to be the last Disco Izrael song ever," - says Disco.

As for the lyrics, those followed naturally. "There's no rapper like Disco," says Narch. "His execution is on point; his lyrics are next level. I've worked with him for many years and this is by far his best work yet. We have chemistry, so making Kill Disco was simple. I just told him here's the beat, do what you do best."

The only way to find out what Spellz sounds like is to stay tuned to the Disco Izrael Instagram (@discoizrael) and Megacorp's YouTube channel.

Each day for thirteen days straight, Disco will be releasing a single track off his album, 'Spellz', starting with 'Kill Disco'. Once the initial release period is over, the full Spellz album will be available for download on all major music streaming sites including Soundcloud, Google Play, Spotify, iTunes and Tidal to name a few.

Disco Izrael and the rest of 2017

Disco and his management team Apollo Artists are currently planning the 'Spellz' album launch tour, which will kick off in late July and run through August. The 'Spellz' tour will include gigs at some of the best-loved venues across the country.

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