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Today sees the release of a new song by AL BAIRRE, entitled JULIA. JULIA was written in AL BAIRRE’s practice room and recorded a while ago at Digital Forest Studios in Cape Town. Since then, the band has been sitting on it and waiting on the right time to release it. Seeing as it is holiday and people are road tripping, making memories, kissing each other, playing silly-buggers and making mistakes - AL BAIRRE wanted to provide them with a soundtrack for their activities.

al bairre julia

The song is about JULIA, another girl and our generation and features a lot of different instrumentation as well as both male and female vocals which are signature AL BAIRRE elements. The band describes the song as a bit bolder in terms of progressive singing and emotion, and the happiest sad song you will ever hear.

“JULIA makes us feel excitement peppered with fear. We have given up trying to predict what people will think. However, our manager did leak a live version of the song for 15 minutes on YouTube in May by accident and the response was great. So that made us feel a bit better. But also we love the song and we have great taste in music! ;)”

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JULIA is also available on iTunes


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