December Streets Release New Single, 'I'll Try'

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decemberstreets illtry

Today sees the release of a brand new single from DECEMBER STREETS, entitled I’LL TRY. 

The song was written around six months ago by frontman Tristan Coetzee. He describes the song as upbeat with a feel-good nature to the melody.

Tough times happen to all people, and it is often difficult to ask for help. The song explores those moments as the underdog, and understanding where it comes from.

“The name runs strongly with the lyrics which revolve around helping someone you love up when they are down. Understanding where they are and lending a supportive shoulder to lean on. Letting them know you are there for them.”

The sound of I’LL TRY is a further progression and exploration into the new DECEMBER STREETS sound, which has a larger energy combined with a delicate, fresh swagger to it. It has the addictive energy of the band’s classic sound that grabs your mind and voice, but explores a fresh vocal rhythm to the vocal melodies in Tristan's vocal delivery.  

“I’LL TRY is the kind of song that when you get home after a long day, you can close your bedroom door, put your earphones on, fall back onto your bed and drift along to the melody and story. It’s also the kind of song you shout at the top of your voice out the window cruising down the highway. It’s one of those songs you feel you’ve known your entire life even though you are hearing it for the first time.”

The song conveys the deeper sense of who DECEMBER STREETS are and have become over the years. They have found maturity in songwriting which is signature to their new upcoming album, set for release in September 2015.

Stream I'LL TRY on DEEZER here!